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By Lililala
I bought today 2 plants, a Cape Sundew and a Sarracenia. I want to replant them and I would like to know what kind of soil they need. Is sour-soil a good idea? Shoult I mix it with sand (in what proportion) or should I use ordinary soil from the garden, mixed wiyh ordinary sand?

Thanks, Agota
By lozone31
there is a "typical" carnivorous plants mix that most people use which is 1 part peat moss to 1 part perlite. Or you can use just peat moss. I do that for my sundew and it seems to be doing fine. N yes that is considered "sour soil" because it is very acidic. I would recommend using the peat moss and perlite, or just peat moss if thats all you can find. I dont know if those types of plants need any special type of soil, some of the other member could tell you that.
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By Matt
Congrats on your new plants! It's always a great day when you add to your collection.

lozone31 got it right. The standard CP mix is all you need for Drosera capensis and any type of Sarracenia and you can also use pure peat if you can't find any perlite.
By italo.americano

Congratulations on the new additions to your family!

When it comes to soil mixes for carnivorous plants, there are a wide variety of opinions. When repotting your plants, use a standard carnivorous plant soil mix of 1 part peat moss and 1 part perlite. Peat moss adds acidity and retains moisture, while perlite provides drainage. Some growers like to mix in silica sand for drainage which is also fine. I would highly recommend trying different soil mixes to see what works best in your growing area. Just make sure that peat moss is at least 50% of the growing medium.

I hope this helps and congratulations on your new plants.

By Lililala
Thanks you the advice :D. I'll try that mix you were recommanding.
I can hardy wait to see those plants growing :)
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