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By snapperhead51
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work is a bugger when it gets in the way of CP's ha ha look I have your phone number here from the last email you sent that I missed !! do you want me to give you a ring on Sunday when I am free or leave it till next week after work Tue is out that would be the only afternoon i would not be home , up to you let me know
By Oblivion
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mitch: various RC planes.

ive just created an "intro thread" with all my rc toys in it ;)

Snapperhead: i'd be more than happy to take you for a fly with my super cub and teach you.
its not hard, but if your planes Centre Of Gravity is out of whack, under powered motor, or wrong propellor type then it'll fly like a pig.

all my planes are electric powered foamies. if you crash a foamie you can glue it back together.. if its real bad you call air crash investigators and use a garbage bag to clean up the debris field... then re-use the electronics + hardware on a new foam airframe.

that hobby zone super cub runs about $200 locally and is a fantastic plane to teach yourself to fly.
theyre very popular, parts are only a few dollars each (or at most, $30 for a wing) but they do sell out quick, ... 54-11.html

when you learn how to fly, make it a float plane for 30 bucks :D ... 13-11.html
By snapperhead51
Posts:  2183
Joined:  Mon May 03, 2010 11:46 am
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My grow list finally updated 18th Aug

Postby snapperhead51 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:06 pm
alata small red
Alata - Red x 6
alata Red (from ebay )
alata ( ebay)
alata giant x stenophylla
alata giant x spectabilis
alata red
alata x kampotiana x ventricosa
alata-gaint x truncata
alata-giant x veitchii H/L Geoff June 10
albo-marginata -green x (rokko x veitchii )
bellii x sibuyanensis x 2
bellii x xtrusmadiensis Mike P Feb 09
bellii x carunculata vir. robusta
boshiana x fusca
boshiana x 2
burbidgea Tony last one Aug 09
burbidgea pig hill Greg Bourke to arrive sept 10
burbidgea x edwardsiana x 4
burkei x ventricosa squat
carunculata vir robusta x ventricosa x tobacia
carunculata var robusta x merrilliana Geoff June 10
celebes green) maxima X (Mt.Sibujah)
Chanina bukit batu lawi Greg Bourke arrived May 13 10
clipeata x ventricosa
clipeata x ventricosa 22
compactor Rebecca soaper
densiflora Kemiri Aieh cutting Gerg Bourke Sept 10
diatas x 1
dubia x singalana natural hybrid 3
Edwardsiana x burbidgea x 3
emae x veitchii H / L striped
eustachya x maxima ( F )
eymae x fusca
eymae x veitchii Geoff 2010 April show
eymae x stenophylla x lowii Greg Bourke arrived May 13 10
eymae x ventricosa x mixtra Geoff 10 to arrive
eymea x fusca
faizaliana Gerg Bourke arrived May 10
fusca Hose mountians sarawak Greg Bourke late 10
fusca x alata
fusca x reiwardtiana - red x 2
fusca ( dark)
fusca x 2
fusca ( F ) typical x dark
fusca dark x 2
galbrata AUG 09 Tony
glandufera x ? Greg Bourke arrived May 13
gracilis x spectabilis
gymnaphora 2 Aug 09 Tony
hamata spices Darren Obrien WA
hamata x platychila x 2 Tony last one Aug 09
hirsuta x fusca x 2
hirsuta x tiveyi x veitchii
hirsuta x tiveyi maxima"superba "
hirsuta x tiveyi 2 Aug 09 Tony
hirsuta x spathulata
hirsuta (d) tipical x x squat
hookeriana © sold gone
inermis x bongso
izumeae x truncata x 3
Izumeae x xtrustmadiensis x 2
izumeae x ramispina Geoff 10 to arrive
jacquelineae gone to heven !! Need to get another one
jungle bells
khasiana x sibuyanensis
khasiana x sibuyanenses
khasiana x mixtra x1 Tony Aug 09
lowii 200mm plant from Mike
lowii x ventricosa x 3 cuttings
lowii x truncata Geoff july 09
lowii x campanulata
lowii x campanulata April show ACPS
lowii pig hill
lowii x boschiana Geoff 10 to arrive
lowii ( c )Mt Kinabalu
lowii pig hill x 2
lowii x spectabilis Geoff 10 to arrive
lowii x veitchii x boschiana Geoff 10 to arrive
macfarlanei purple x x ventricosa red
macfarlanei-purple x sibuyanensis
macfarlanei-purple x sibuyanensis
macfarlanie x ventricosa red squat
Macfarlenei Greg Bourke arrived May 13 10
maxima x mira
maxima x veitchii x 2
maxima x lowii x ventricosa )
maxima x truncata
maxima x (lowii x ventricosa ) April show ACPS
maxima ( K ) x sulawesi (dark green)
maxima ( m ) x exotica
maxima (m )
maxima dark x talangensis
maxima dark x 3 Stoker ebay Jan 2010
Maxima x lowii x macrophylly
maxima dark X northiana x veitchii
maxima dark x xtrusmadiensis
maxima dark x talangensis
maxima- dark x xtrusmadiensis
maxima dark x 2
maxima hybrid look it up!!!
maxima -sulawesi dark x sibuyanensis ?? Geoff Aug 09
maxima very dark x 2
maxima x (stenophylla x lowii ) x ( rokko x veitchii )
maxima-dark x talangensis x 4 April 2009
maximia x fusca Tony 20 seedlings
maximia - dark x xtrustmadinsis
merrilliata x 2
n . X . rokko x dyerana x a x venticosa red
n . X .oisoensis x maxima (K) maxima ( k)
N. compacta
n. x . Maxima
N. x . Oisoensis x maxima (K)
n. x . Wrigleyana x kosobe
N.x. maxima
northiana x veitchii)x tiveyi
oristolockioides cutting Greg Bourke Sept 10
pecinata Geoff Aug 09
pictinata- purple x sibuyanensis
rajah x 2
red leopard x 2
red leopard x 2 .
rokko x stenophylla ??? Recheck
rokko x alata ( male )
rokko x eustachya-dark
rokko x alata
rokko female
rokko x fusca
rokko x stenophylla
rokko x veitchii H/L striped
rokko - exotica x boschiana Geoff Aug 09
rokko x ( fuscax spectabilis ) x truncata Geoff july 09
rokko x fusca) x ventricosa
rokko xdyreiana x ventricosa
sanguinea x ramispina
sibuyanensis x maxima ( L )
sibuyanensis x maxima ( I )
sibuyanensis x northiana x veitchii x 2
sibuyanensis x talangensis
sibuyanensis x truncata x 2
sibuyanensis x maximia
sibuyanensis x ramispina
sibuyanensis x truncata squat
sibuyanensis x 2 AUG 09 Tony
sibuyanensis x macfarlanei Geoff June 10
singuinea - pruple
snaguinea green
spathulata x truncata (female)
spathulata x alata female
spathulata x truncata male
spathulata x truncata x 2 female
spathulata x veitchii - H / L striped
spathulata x veitchii H/L striped
spathulata x fusca
spathulata x thorelii squat
spathulata x maxima
spathulata x maxima
spathulata x maxima
spathulata x ampullaria-Straits(b)
spathulata x alata -large
spathulata x veitchii H / L striped x 2
spathulata x stenophylla x lowii
spathulata x (lowii x ventricosa)
spathulata x lowii Geoff June 10
spectabilis Greg Bourke to arrive
spectabilis x veitchii H/L
spectabilis x longifolia
spectabilis x veitchii
spectabilis x veitchii
spectabilis x ventricosa (dark red) Geoff july 09
spectabilis x becarriana Geoff 10 arrived 12 may
spectabilisx truncata) x boschiana Geoff 09
stenophylla Bario up from mulu Gerg Bourke arrived 13 May
talangensis x sibuyanensis Geoff Aug 09
tentaculata ( d )
thorelii x truncata ( c) x 2
thorelii x stenophylla x fusca x veitchii
thorelii x xtrutmadinsis
thorelii x boschiana
thorelii x alata - large
thorelii x aristolochioides
thorelii x hirsuta male
thorelii x spectabilis ( female)
thorelii x spectabilis x northiana
thorelii x ventrata x tobacia x 2
thorelii x tiveya
thorelii x (eymae x veitchii) Geoff June 10
thorelii x raffesiana) x thorelii )] veitchii H/L Geoff 10 arrived 12 May
thorelii x stenophylla x fusca x veitchii
thorellii x truncata
thorellii x tiveyi
tobacia purple x veitchii H / L
tobaica- purple x thorelii -squat
truncata possible low land ??
truncata x ventricosa x2
truncata x ventricosa
truncata x xtrusmadiensis Geoff july 09
truncata x ephippiata
truncata x stenophylla
truncata x ventricosa x aristolochioides
truncata H / L triffid
truncata x spectabilis Geoff June 10
veitchii Bario up from mulu Greg Bourke Sept 10
veitchii x sanguinea
veitchii x maxima ( i )
veitchii x platchila x3 Tony Aug 09
veitchii x hurrelliana 3 Aug 09 Tony
veitchii x fusca 2 Aug 09 Tony
veitchii x platychila
veitchii x maxima
veitchii x boschiana April show ACPS
veitchii H/L x boschiana x 2
veitchii x maxima) x mixta ( male)
venticosa x xtrustmadiensis 6 pus 1 unusual clone
ventircosa x densifloria x 2
ventircosa x xtrusmadiensis
ventircosa x tiveyi (a )
Ventrata "classic"
ventrata - lantern x 1
ventricosa x sibuyanensis x xtrusmadiesis Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa x pectinata
ventricosa x spathulata x lowii (b)
ventricosa x densifolia
ventricosa x ( dibia x singalana)
ventricosa x albomarginata
ventricosa x aristolochioides
ventricosa x sanguinea
ventricosa x xtrusmadiensis
ventricosa x spathulata
ventricosa x sibuyanensis x truncata
ventricosa x (truncata x densiflora )
ventricosa x xiphioides
ventricosa x truncata
ventricosa x rafflesiana Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa x mindanaoensis x 2 Tony Aug 09
ventricosa x northiana
ventricosa x macro-vulgaris
ventricosa x talangensis
ventricosa x xtrusmadiensis x 4
ventricosa x ovata female
ventricosa x clipeata x ventricosa x 2
ventricosa x talangensis x carunculata
ventricosa x (macfarlanei x aristolockioides) pritch 752
ventricosa x ephippeata
ventricosa x angusanensis
ventricosa x sanguinea
ventricosa x sibuyanensis x caruncalata var. robusta Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa x ephippiata April show ACPS
ventricosa x sibuyanensis x merrilliana
ventricosa (female)
ventricosa x sibuyanensis
ventricosa x densiflora
ventricosa x sibuyanensis ) x xtrusmadiensis x xtrusmadiensis Pritch 752
ventricosa x aristolochioides x 2
ventricosa ( j ) x ramispina x 2 x 1 Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa (K)
ventricosa (f) x tentaculata Geoff july 09
ventricosa green
ventricosa -red x ovata
ventricosa red x lowii x ventricosa Geoff
ventricosa red x 2
ventricosa- squat x ( macfarianei x aristolochioides )
ventricosa- squat x pectinata
ventricosa squat x ( spectabilis x northiana ) Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa squat x x (spectabilis x northinaia)
ventricosa squat x curunculata vir robusta Geoff Aug 09
ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x (ventricosa x Tiveyi) (b) Geoff June 10
ventricosa x spatulata x lowii
ventricosa-squat x truncata Geoff july 09
ventricosa-squat x sibuyanensis(a) Geoff June 10
vietchii H / L
vogelii borneo exotics Geoff 09
talangensis x veitchii " Batu buli "

Cobra lilly Darlingtonia Californica

5 small

Cephalotus aprox 27
Typical, Hummer giant, and seedlings as well

D. capensis , Red ,white Alba ,Typical , seedings from Palmiet river numbers ! lots !!
D.spatulata ,D.lusitanicum ,D.binata ,Marston Dragon , D. multyfidia , D. dichotoma .
Tuber Drosera :-
D.tubaestylus & tyipical , D.whittakeri , D.whittaker ssp.aberrans ,D.auriculata , D peltata , D.preafolia , D.macrantha ssp. Planchoneii , D.erythrohiza , D.erythrohiza ssp magna , D.erythrohiza ssp collina D.giganta ,D.macrantha ,D. andersoniana , D. mooreii ,D modesta , D. orbiculata ,D. zonaria , D.bulbosa ssp.major , D. draniticola
D. hetrophylla ,D. monticcola , D.zigzagia ,D. stolonfrea ssp. Prorecta , ,D. stolonfrea ssp. Compatcta , D.sulphurea , D.macrantha ssp. Prophylla .

H..Tequila x 16
H. monor x hetrodoxa x 16
H. nutan’s x 6
H. nutan’s giant x 6
H. minor hairy x 15
H. ionasi x 1
H. hetrodoxa x 6


5 or 6 verities main one is P.sethos


U.Alpinia , U. asplundii , U. pusilla ,U. longifolia ,U mouanthos , U. riniformis .,
Aquatic Gibba

S. leucophallya x alata red throat x 2
S. alata short red x orephylla x 2
S. alata red tube x 10
S. unknown x 24
S. willsii x alata x 4
S. catesbaie x flava red throat x 3
S. leucophylla x 13
S. excellens x 3
S. flave var. rubricopora x 3
S. flava x mooreii brooks hybrid.
S. excellens x x readii
S umlauftiana x 2
S. minor x purpurea x 2
S. courtii
S. alabamensis
S. minor x 7
S. minor giant x 3
S. alata heavy vein
S. mooreii x melonorhoda
S. flava prina george
S. flava short red x oreophylla
S. s x willsii
S. minor x alata x 3
S. Flava var. rugelii appalchicola FA.
S. flava green x 4
S. excellens x leucophylla x 2
S . mitchellana x alata
S. hybrids mikes mix pollination unknown seedling x 6 looking good !
S. rubra ssp. Gulfensis x 3
S. alata all green
S. leucophylla schnell ‘s ghost
S. purpurea venosa very dark red
S. purpurea x purpurea ruffles x 2
S. x. miniata line b
S. mitchelliana
S. rubra alabamensis x 2
S. leucophylla yellow flower x 2
S. leucophylla F. red tube x 2
S. purpurea venosa x plava red top ST lid . x 2
S. monor x alata copper top .
S. alata red lid x leucophylla x ?
S. scarlet bell
S. melanorhoda x 2
S. flava x oreophylla x 2
S. leucophylla x stevensii x 2
S. leucophylla x courtii F. northern pink
S. wrigeyana F. red wide mouth
S. oreophylla x leucophylla
S. flava x s.
S. mushroom peristome
S. x willsii
S. rubra ssp.rubra long lid green swamp line F.
S. mardigras
S. flava x 2
S. flava olive top
S. hybrid ?
S. psittacina x flava rubricorpora
S. x leucophylla
S. rubra ssp. Jonesii x monor
S. flava x rugelii
S. x swaniana
S. orephylla x 1 plus 6 seedlings
S. flava x leucophylla x flava var. ornate
S. x excellens
S. Flava x s.
S. flava var. ornate
S. mitchelliana x leucophylla whit top
S. flava Red

Typical x // 20 or 30 ??
Bigmouth x lot
Clone 11, 12 , 13 . 14 .15 x ?? quite a few
Saw tooth x some number ?
Freak x a few
B52 x 1
All green x some
Dinkley giant really it Dinkely disappointment !a couple
Red dragon Akai Ryu x several
Hybrid seedling My own hybrids
Clone 14 x 15
Bigmouth x red dragon
And a lot of others too !! lost the tags ??
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By snapperhead51
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Oblivion wrote:whats a drosera sapulata? does it secrete a gum tree like sap? :P
Yer Glenn its a new type of plant I have produced , it spits dewy sap at you when you get to close, its taken me many years to get it to do that , it may be the next trifid movie in the making !! :lol: :mrgreen: :lol: the spat spitter from hell !!
By moof
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WOW that's an unbelievable collection of neps! Awesome, the biggest one I've seen so far! It's just crazy.

By the way, if you'll have any seeds of U.asplundii one day, I'd be interested :mrgreen:
By snapperhead51
Posts:  2183
Joined:  Mon May 03, 2010 11:46 am
Hi Moof
WOW that's an unbelievable collection of neps! Awesome, the biggest one I've seen so far! It's just crazy.quote !

yes got one or two huh :mrgreen: well ok see how we go on the U.asplundii getting seed , I dont know much about utric's only just started with them , not a great deal of success so far my nep's seem to take over all my time some how !! cant understand it :?

SASE just mailed at post office.

SASE just mailed at post office.

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