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I guess it depends on how stuffed the tent is and what kind of circulation you're after, but I've been using a mini tower fan: "Lasko's Platinum Desktop Wind Tower." I have it stuck in the corner of a 4x4, and probably should have gotten another, but now that my tomatoes and peppers are out that purchase is on hold. Downside is that I have to turn it back on every time power is cut.

I also have a Lasko 6 inch clip fan running 24/7 full blast in the basement since December for my sphagnum. Only only negative so far is that it does not oscillate.
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By Supercazzola
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I decided to take an arduino and a 4 relay board and program it so that it would randomly turn on and off up to four 12 v computer fans. Hooked the first two up. I’ll eventually design and 3d print an enclosed case, but for now it works good enough. If anyone is interested, I can post the code I wrote for the arduino uno.
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By Supercazzola
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This post is more of a sticky for how I did it, including the code, so that if others want to duplicate, contribute to it, you can feel free to.

First off, here is the sketch for the arduino. I used an Arduino Uno R3.
Code: Select all
//                                      //
//     Randomly turn on and off         //
//     four relays to control fans      //
//     to simulate wind in grow tent    //
//                                      //
//               05/22/21               //
//               rev 001                //
//               supercazzola           //
//                                      //

// global scope variables

const long DELAY_MAX = 300000;                                                      // manimum delay in ms (5 mins)
const long DELAY_MIN = 10000;                                                       // minimum delay in ms (10 secs)
const int NUMBER_OF_FANS = 4;                                                       // number of fans (relays)
const int FAN_PINS[NUMBER_OF_FANS] = {8, 9, 10, 11};                                // arduino pin numbers used for relays

unsigned long timer[NUMBER_OF_FANS] = {20000, 20000, 20000, 20000};                 // array to hold timers for each fan
unsigned long lastFanStateChange[NUMBER_OF_FANS] = {0, 0, 0, 0};                    // array to hold when in millis the fan last changed state

int fan_state[NUMBER_OF_FANS] = {LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW};                               // LOW or HIGH state of the relays


void setup()
  randomSeed(analogRead(0));                          // seed the random number generator
  Serial.begin(9600);                                 // serial port 9600 baud

  for (int i = 0; i < NUMBER_OF_FANS; i++)
    pinMode(FAN_PINS[i], OUTPUT);                     // set each pin to OUTPUT type
    digitalWrite(FAN_PINS[i], fan_state[i]);          // read desired state for each fan servo from global array


void loop()
  unsigned long now = millis();                                       // time now at start of loop since start of program in ms

  for (int i = 0; i < NUMBER_OF_FANS; i++)
    if ((now - lastFanStateChange[i]) >= timer[i])
      unsigned long randomValue = random(DELAY_MIN, DELAY_MAX + 1);   // variable to store the random number
      fan_state[i] = !fan_state[i];                                   // toggle the state of the fan relay
      digitalWrite(FAN_PINS[i], fan_state[i]);                        // set pin to correct state
      timer[i] =  randomValue;                                        // set fan relay's timer to new random number
      lastFanStateChange[i] = now;                                    // update when the fan relay's state was last changed to now

The components you will need include:
In my case, I hooked up to pins 8,9,10,and 11. Let me know if it doesn't make sense or if you need help with the hookup.

As an aside, I decided to 3d print some cases. I didn't design these. They were on thingiverse. They are:
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