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By Ras
I would LOVE some
those plants have always amazed me, especially after reading the secret life of plants

Ill see if i can harvest some u bisquimata
the rest I know I have frosure
By Ras
Post by swat007j » Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:17 pm
I also received the seeds thanks Ras , have you received my seeds yet? :)

that sounds pretty harsh outside lol
and anytime man
Mine came as well. Thank you. Just in time I might add, its a blizzard outside. Lightening and a snow storm. I love Kansas weather.

yea I did thanks again

/woops, mixed up the quotes
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By Ras
ok someone sent me a sase but they didnt write what i was supposed to be sending back and they didnt write thier acc name either just their real name, (which i cant say)
so idk who its from or what I am supposed to send,
if you have sent a sase and didnt get anything back yet pm me
By Ras
Did you get my pm? Never get a message back and still haven't received seeds.

I made a post saying someone sent a sase with no card saying what I was supposed to send to them and no acc name so I had no idea who to contact since i have gotten so many of these, I must of bypassed your post
anyways so I made the post (you can see it just above)

and I must of msgd you back or how would you get my address ;P

ill send it out just pm me what it is you were looking for

my bad for the wait

got my seeds :]

thanks <3<3

text meee tomorrow

yes mam :) anytime moni
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