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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Post here or PM me for offers. Seed and gemmae are selling for $1 per pack (or crown) with SASE and $1.50 without SASE. Must still send check or cash either way.

D. roseana Gemmae--great beginner pygmy! (not really a seed variety, but can be treated as one briefly.
Sold/traded out :(

D. binata var. dichotoma--great and super hardy sundew.
D. Capensis--plant has a red streak on underside of leaves in bright light. Really nice!
D. Capensis ‘alba’
D. Capensis ‘Broadleaf’
D. Spathulata “pink flower”
D. Filliformis sp. Filliformis ‘FL Red’
D. Indica ‘Pale Pink Flower’--Strongest sundew I have ever seen. Seed available in bulk! (PM me about bulk)
D. Venusta--very nice African sundew
D. Natalensis
D. Dielsiana
D. Burmanii
D. Intermedia “northern”
D. Intermedia ‘Cuba’

S. Oreophylla ‘Sand Mountain’--Seed available for sale or trade to residents of California only. I reserve the right to send this seed as a gift, so don't hesitate to ask about it ;) Thank you RL7836 for bringing this to my attention.
S. Leucophylla
S. Alata--Greene co. Mississippi

u. subulata
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By eou812
how many come with a pack?
By eou812
WOW i was just wondering you know because i just ordered some from you.
By eou812
Yeah thanks anyway but how old are they?
By Oblivion
Sundew seeds are small don't be disappointed. And Gemmae are different altogether.

id just like to add, that to anyone who hasnt seen most drosera seed what you will get is seed that looks like fine ground black pepper.

very small black dots.
By eou812
actually you can see some Drosera seed OBLIVIAN
By Oblivion
actually you can see some Drosera seed OBLIVIAN

you can see all drosera seed...

if you read correctly i said "for those who have not seen drosera seed"

i never said you cant see it :roll:
By eou812
i mean they don't look like dust some some Drosera don't look like dust
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Yup, that should work.

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