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Did I possibly kill or shocked my fly trap by reporting it?
by Emmakaye -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
4 Replies
by Supercazzola
New Hybrid
by Bob Beer -   - in: Butterworts
5 Replies
by Bob Beer
Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Byblis
by Apollyon -   - in: Seeds, seedlings, divisions and leaf pullings
46 Replies
by Apollyon
D. Spat leftovers plus Mystery seeds giveaway
by ChefDean -   - in: Chit Chat
17 Replies
by JoshDoe
What is in the picture?
by canromo -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
4 Replies
by evenwind
Paphiopedilum care tips
by Darlingtoniafan222 -   - in: Orchids
3 Replies
by Nepenthes0260
Utricularia bisquamata
by Dreadredhead -   - in: Photos of Other Carnivorous Plants
2 Replies
by Dreadredhead
Schuppenstiel I
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
19 Replies
by Matt
Venus Fly Trap turning yellow during dormancy
by neneayumuwu -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
2 Replies
by Panman
Lucy you got some 'splaining to do
by Panman -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
4 Replies
by Benny
NEPENTHES self cloning
by paulsflytrap -   - in: Tropical Pitcher Plants
9 Replies
by Artie101
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
8 Replies
by Matt
Help! Fungus on VFT seeds!!
by Avery Leatherwood -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
14 Replies
by Matt
Nepenthes id
by Artie101 -   - in: CP identification Forum
4 Replies
by optique
Is my Sarracenia dying?
by caned_monkey -   - in: Pitcher Plants
9 Replies
by steve booth
New here, could use help with nepenthes
by LennyL -   - in: Tropical Pitcher Plants
5 Replies
by LennyL
I found these at Pikes Nursery
by Panman -   - in: Tropical Pitcher Plants
4 Replies
by camsdad66
Help me with my new flytrap farm!
by Kilgore Trout -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
6 Replies
by Kilgore Trout
0282 Ping Requests S. Leuco Red x Leuco Pink
by Ping -   - in: Seed Bank
3 Replies
by ChefDean
St. Patrick’s Beard
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
3 Replies
by Matt
La Grosse A GuiGui
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
3 Replies
by Matt
0281 Coog61 requests D. Capensis mixed
by Coog61 -   - in: Seed Bank
1 Replies
by ChefDean
TDS meter or test strips
by Panman -   - in: Tools, Equipment and Supplies
3 Replies
by Panman
Kim jong-un
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
23 Replies
by Matt
Rehder Giant #1
by Adrien -   - in: Photos of Venus Fly Traps
3 Replies
by Matt
Curl leaves
by Jasonic2007 -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
2 Replies
by Jasonic2007
Artificial Lighting
by andrUwU -   - in: Artificial Lighting
3 Replies
by Supercazzola
Chef out of town
by ChefDean -   - in: Seed Bank
5 Replies
by Supercazzola
Bug with topic notifications ?
by Supercazzola -   - in: Forum Rules, Feedback, Announcements, Comments, Suggestions
9 Replies
by Supercazzola
0279 Supercazzola kindly requests Drosera burmannii 'Humpty Doo' and January “mystery island” bonus
by Supercazzola -   - in: Seed Bank
3 Replies
by Supercazzola

@Apollyon , interesting. I hadn't asked Mike abo[…]

If you can, I would. It may help to knock out that[…]

Mystery plant?

Those are sporophyte stalks from the moss. That […]

Return address

I use a cardboard insert to make the whole envelop[…]

One last bump to remind everyone that our January […]

A little over a week left in our photo contest, so[…]

Pitcher worries

Definitely lacking sun and that may be the only pr[…]

SASE sent on Tuesday.

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