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How Bonus Seeds Work In Seed Bank

Glad you asked, it confused me too so I just ignor[…]

Drosera 'Hercules'

make some clones over the winter i will try to tra[…]

Winter time leaf bump ops i mean jump? https://i.[…]

Seed Bank Burmannii

Experimented feeding some Maxsea and some bloodw[…]

Order received. Your order number is 0697. I'll PM[…]

Nepenthes klossi problem????

I love how akadama is starting to make it into mai[…]

2021 Holiday Extravagaza

Mmm, me like grunt and snort. Me think Panguy n[…]

Heliamphora flower stalk?

Nice! That is certainly a heli inflorescence. In[…]

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