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By Shelilla
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I just got this today but I can't find much on it and it was the only orchid fertilizer in the store. I want to make sure it's okay before I even consider using it, and especially since I'm not familiar with using fertilizer for my plants so I'd also like to know what the right dosage would be, especially for seedlings.

What I got was Schultz liquid Orchid fertilizer. The NPK ratio is 15-5-5. I wish to try it first on a small cape Sundew seedling(s) that are around 3 months old or more.
After, I plan/hope to use it in my seedling's water tray because they respond very strongly to being fed, but often they can't completely eat the food and become overrun with mould. Would this be a good idea, or will it just encourage algae and mould to the point where I can't control it? Will it kill seedlings? How much should I give them or an adult plant to fertilize it?
Thank you,

Thanks guys

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