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By That one plant boi
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sanguinearocks101 wrote:Hello, I was wondering what you guys thought would look better in a bog garden sarracenia purpurea purpurea or sarracenia purpurea venosa. I want big chubby purple pitchers.
If you're looking for color, I would go with purpurea purpurea. They tend to be a nice deep purple while venosa tends to be much lighter and has variation to the color. Purpurea purpurea is also much more tolerant of cold weather. I also find that venosa usually has the frilled lid which really adds to its beauty.

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By xanthoparmelia
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Here’s a pic of one of my seed-grown purp var purps (on the right) and S. Rosea ‘Fat Chance.’ They have pretty nice color, but if you’re looking for a tubby pitcher, I recommend a Chipola S. rosea. They have a really great shape if you’re looking for a bulbous pitcher.
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By cwm1
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Xanth...I'll have to tell my wife that I am "bulbous" instead of "tubby" . Ha! Beautiful seed grown purps my man. Love the colors.


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