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By BearZerkerr
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Joined:  Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:31 am
I acquired a S. flava and S. purpurea venosa. Both are doing very well at the moment, except the flava is growing very very slow (no fully developed pitchers yet, they were cut during shipping) I have been putting a couple of frozen bloodworms in the pitchers on my purpurea and making sure the pitcher is filled with collected rainwater. Being more experienced in growing sundews I can easily notice the benefits of feeding a sundew a week or couple weeks after feeding and for nearly all of them, they benefit a lot from it. (Except for my pesky D. Admirabilis that refuses to flower!)

My question is do sarracenia or at least S. purpurea venosa benefit a great deal from feeding and are the benefits noticeable?
Thanks for reading it all and sorry for blathering, I feel giving background before a question legitimizes it a little more. :lol:
By Goodkoalie
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Joined:  Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:48 am
There are not any noticible benifits from feeding, but in my experiance, the plants that are well fed have more flowers in the spring, make more leaves, and makes a lot of more seeds in the fall. In general, the plants that are better fed are more vigorus and do better and grow bigger, but the results are not that noticible.
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