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By Sander
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Hey everyone, im selling some plants which i have multiple off:

2 x nepenthes alata ; over a meter long, healthy but no traps at the moment
2 x nepenthes linda ; about 30 cms long, with some traps, has some sunburnt leaves (about 10% of the total)
2 x nepenthes "bloody mary" ; both 10-15 cm (adult size), few traps, all new leaves are developing traps.
4 x nepenthes hookeriana ; M size, 5-10 cm in diameter, with lots of traps.

4 x p. agnata s/m
20 x d. capensis "giant" M (few cm high)
10 x d. spatulata (flowering size)
4 x Heliamphora hybrid, likely nutans x hetrodoxa or hetrodoxa x minor, adult traps up to 12 cm high.
4 x Heliamphora nutans, large juvinile traps, up to 7,5 cm long

Depending on the weight:
0-2 kg: std. no track and trace: 9,- euro
0-2 kg incl. track and trace 13,- euro
2-5 kg incl track and trace: 19,50

If anyone wants pictures, please leave a message here or through pm :)

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