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By Smooter80
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Sacramento Bromeliad & Carnivorous Plant Society 46th Annual Show and Sale
Saturday & Sunday July 23 and 24, 10AM to 4PM
Location: Shepard Garden & Arts Center
Free parking. Free Admission.

Anyone else going or have been there before? What's it like?

If anyone wants to try to meet up, I can bring a few things to sell/trade.

Many kinds and colors of live Sphagnum.

Any seeds off of my grow/trade list.


VFT Pinnacle Giant


VFT Megatraps

VFT Bigmouth.

Drosera cv. BCP Andromeda 7th large plants.

Drosera glabripes {giant}

Drosera prolifera

I hope to get a chance to meet some of you from the FTS forums and learn from you all.
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Thanks! SASE will be mailed out tomorrow.

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