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By ken styles
Just wondering if I can remove a dead bug that the fly trap is finished with with a pair of tweezers.
Is it ok if it triggers the trap to close again?

Or should I just let the bug blow out on it's own?

It was in there for about a week and a half and the trap opened up again.
By Travs
Hi ken, i usually do remove the flies mine catches because it sits in a window and gets no breeze or anything to blow the remains loose. If you do it very carefully you can often times remove the bug without triggering the trap but you have to be careful and it is important to note where the trigger hairs inside the trap are so you can avoid them if possible. if you do try it and you trigger a trap dont sweat it! As long as the plant gets enough sunlight it should reopen shortly after. It isnt a good idea to set off traps so often for no reason however, as the traps could possibly die from over exertion.
By Veronis
If I want to remove a dead bug from a trap, I generally hit it with the spray bottle. It usually doesn't trigger the trap. I generally stick to about halfway between stream and mist (cone spray).
By megain
I second that! I use 'stream mode' because it's faster. Haha, I found that no matter how hard you hit the trap, it'll never close with water movement. =)
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