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By Xterms
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Joined:  Thu May 20, 2010 1:15 pm

Maybe some of you still remember (but I certainly do) my first VFTs, who have undergone mineral burn and were dying:

Well, I can say produly that they have recovered in the last ~3 months and are growing fine.
I also had some light-poor Sarracenia:

And here are the 1-2 weeks old traps of Alata × Leucophylla:
And some of the Purpurea:
I have also managed to fertilize the flower of the Purprea and I'm hoping to get some seeds in the future (unfortunately I cracked off a petal during placement):

Conclusion: Everything can go from wrong to fine, you just need patience and shouldn't be shy to ask the cleverer ones. And I've leart this from you, FTC community, especially from Matt and Steve, whose essential help lead me to where I am now. Special thanks to them, and thanks to all of the FTC! ;)
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By Steve_D
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Joined:  Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:06 pm
Your plants look great! Very healthy. Congratulations on giving them good conditions to improve in, on having supportive patience and in not worrying too much.

I remember a customer who bought a Venus Flytrap from us (from Matt and me) earlier this year, who said that the leaves were turning brown and that if the plant didn't "snap out of it quick" and start growing well he was going to throw it away, and that if any of his garden vegetables looked like that he would have already thrown them in the compost bin to rot. It was as though he expected the Venus Flytrap to save itself from a death threat. Matt and I both told him that that the plant would probably be fine if he was just patient and treated it well, but I have no idea whether he took that advice or not.

Plants, especially when they are suffering a little, and especially carnivorous plants, don't respond well to demanding attitudes in their growers, but by contrast, your patience and thoughtful care of your plants really shows in their increased vigor and very healthy growth. They look very nice. Good growing! :mrgreen:

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