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By jlpaulhamus
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Hey everyone, I just recently bought a Heliamphora minor, Cephalotus Follicularis, and Thread-leaved Sundew 'Florida Giant'. All three of these plants are new to me, but I have experience growing other cps (vft, american pitchers, and other sundews). I've read care guides for each online and in The Savage Garden but I still have some questions, I guess mainly about where would be best for me to grow them where I live. I live in central PA. I keep my flytraps, pitchers, and sundews outside as long as I can in full sun. Once temps drop too low I winter them over in my unheated garage. For any tropicals/subtropicals I keep them in my kitchen on a big rack. They are by a south facing window and get lots of sun until it's warm enough for me to put them back out again. I could also keep stuff in my basement, which is cooler and much more humid. In the winter it gets down to 50 down there. So what would be my best option or options for these 3 plants? From what I understand Heliamphora's like high humidity, average room temps but cool nights, and no dormancy period. So for that one I was thinking in the kitchen during the day and the basement at night. I'm not sure how they would do outside here, what do you think? I don't want to put it out now though, it's getting too cold at night (we've had frost already). For the Cephalotus I was thinking of growing it outside next year, letting it get morning sun mainly then having it on my shaded breezeway in the afternoons, especially if it's hot. Then I would winter it over in the basement, since it would give it the cool dormancy that it needs. My garage would be too cold I think (it's usually mid 30's in there, but can go below freezing briefly). I have growlights in the basement (where I winter over my tropical bonsai), or I could put it at the small windows in the basement where it would get sun. For the Florida Giant I guess I'm kind of confused whether I should treat it as a temperate species like other filiformis but this one grows in northern florida from what I understand so I would think I should treat it more like a tropical/subtropical. If the later is the case I would winter it over in my basement to give it a cool but not cold dormancy. Just wondering what people who grow these would recommend for me. Below is a real quick breakdown of my growing environments:

Outside while it's warm enough: we have fairly hot summers, can get in the 90's but 70's and 80's is more common. It's usually somewhat humid but certainly not tropical. We have cold winters, I'm zone 6a. So I winter temperate stuff over in my unheated garage which almost always is above freezing.

Inside in kitchen: by south window which means lots of sun except during the summer months (the sun is too much over head). Normal room temps I guess. We actually don't heat our kitchen so it might get down into the low 60's at night when it's cold out. Usually in upper 60's low 70's. Humidity can be an issue, especially during the winter when it's low but I mist plants and have humidity trays which help.

Basement: cool year round, never gets above 70 during the summer, down to 50 during the winter. Constant temp all day, so it doesn't really go up and down during the day/night. Always humid, 70% or higher.

So what do you all think, where should I grow them? Thanks, Jason

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