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By David F
On two of my VFT the blades, and to a lesser extent the stems, were floppy. One was on the "Dutch delight" and one on one of my typical babies. Light deprication? I fed the "dutch delight" too much food and a lot of its leaves are blackening, all the others seem to be fine, its kinda weird they just lost their stiffness. I've have them inside for a few days since its been cold during the night, now I can put them back outside, they are getting mad at me.

Also say it goes down to 34-36 degrees at night, how do I protect from frost? I think thats been killing off some leaves on my Fly traps.
By David F
I had been putting them in full sun, just not lately, if thats why it normally happens its probably why. I had to put them inside for a couple days, and I don't have time in the mornings before school to put them outside for the warmer part of the day.

Just when I think I had acclimated them they get sunburned again.
By Dionae
I received one in the mail not long ago and noticed it had went limp a couple of days after I had potted it and put it out. The soil was still moist so I was confused for a second. Moved her to a shaded part of my greenhouse and she hardened back up by the next day.
By David F
Aw! nice I'll have to check it hopefully the sun taught it a lesson :)
By David F
They stiffened up a little by today, some of the leaves that were burned are finally dieing completely, I say that because I look forward to seeing some of the new traps that will be naturually hardened off to the sun, and be more colorful etc.

I think that plants originally grown under floresceant lights are weaker, in almost every way. Burning from feeding, reintroduction to the sun, cold damage. Next time I receive something that was growng under lights, I'll slowly introduce, and make sure its very consisten and gradual.
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