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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By victor
WOW! Very amazing plants once again!!!!!!!! Great job and keep it up.
By Idontkno23
Ok, since I promised, here are the pictures.

Here they are in the snow, preparing for their spring wakeup. (Old picture)

Here is that tree.. Still growing strong

Here are the 'White Sparkler flowers', the one on the right has hopefully been pollinated. For some reason, the petals on both of these didn't open right.

Here is my first open S. 'moorei' pitcher of the season, looks more mature then they did last season.

Here is my S. Alata x minor, growing very vigourosly at the moment, 2 unopened pitchers behind the open pitcher in the middle.

My S. Minor, one big pitcher. Rest of the new pitchers are still pretty small. You can see the size difference from this seasons growth to last seasons though, (the dark red ones are from last year)

D. Spatulata making a comeback after being cooked in my greenhouse. Dandelion seeds stuck in it x.x

S. 'Cobras nest'' finally showing some new growth, love this hybrid.

Love my pot of gemmae. :D

First trap of this year from my x 'Big jaws'

'Akai Ryu' growing traps on some very short leaves.

'Dente' with lots of new growth! (Flower killed the mother plant last season, about 5 or 6 rhizomes sprouted from the side of the mother rhizome. A very good trade in my books.)

My S. Flava flower buds, growing at about the same speed.

Didn't see it in the first pic? My S. Flava just sprouted up its 3rd flower! :)

Also, as some of you know, I lost my entire Nepenthes collection over this winter due to heating problems in the greenhouse. But, to my surprise, these 3 basal sprouts sprouted up underneath a pile of dead nepenthes, a very bright glimmer of hope to me! Definitely not giving up on this great plant.
It's a N. Ventricosa hybrid, it originally had 2 vines, one of them grew 2 sprouts, the other grew 1 (almost 2, one of the sprouts didn't make it)

Anyways, thanks for checking out the thread guys!
By victor
WOW!!! Very immpressive plants!!!
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