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Hello all,

I just bought canned silkworms and mealworms at my local store, they had no bloodworms and only had crickets besides.

Those worms aren't often suggested as appropriate food for Droseras, I more often see fish food and bloodworms.

What do you guys think? Any adversial effects?

Thanks: )
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By linton
I think that you will find that both mealworms and silkworms are too big for the plants to digest and will likely result in mold. Mealworms also contain a fair proportion of fat which your plants will not be able to breakdown.
I have often used fish food flakes and small Betta pellets for my Drosera and Drosophyllum with no adverse effects.
By Idontkno23
Damn ok I see. Thanks for the advice Linton, I guess I should use them for my VFT instead

Go slowly on the whole VFT thing. Mealworms and siklworms might have a bit too much fat for a VFT, but if you have a lot of traps right now (which would make you luckier then me) then try it on one of the smaller ones. If the trap isn't black or moldy within 3-4 days then go ahead and feed it to them.
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