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List the plants you grow

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By Lawndude84
****This list is as of 12/23/09****

D.Typical-(Fall Festival) 10/04/09
D.Cupped Traps-(Matt's Store) 11/12/09
D.Cupped Traps-(ConnersCarnivors) 11/20/09
D.B52-(ConnersCarnivors) 11/20/09
D.Red Piranha-(ConnersCarnivors) 11/20/09

S.Purpurea Ssp. Venosa-(Lowes)10/12/09
S.Leucophyla Tarnok-(Matt's Store)11/12/09

D.Capensis-(Sarracenia Northwest)10/22/09
D.Capensis Alba-(Sarracenia Northwest)10/22/09
D.Capensis Red-(Sarracenia Northwest)10/22/09
D.Binata Marston Dragon-(Sarracenia Northwest)10/22/09

N.Judith Finn-(
N.Thorelii X Truncata AKA Red Dragon-( 12/26/09
N.Truncata lowland var.-( 12/26/09

-Misc. CP's
D.Californica-(Lowes) 12/20/09
D.Californica-(Lowes) 12/20/09
D.Californica-(Lowes) 12/20/09
By Lawndude84
Added N.Truncata lowland variety and N.Red Dragon
By Lawndude84
Added N.Izumaie, N.Ampullaria, N.Bicalcarata red.
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By Matt
Added N.Truncata lowland variety and N.Red Dragon

Added N.Izumaie, N.Ampullaria, N.Bicalcarata red.

Some very nice additions! Congrats! What is your growing setup for the lowland Neps?
By Lawndude84
at this point I have them in with my highlanders and they're growing good, eventually I'd like to set up a terrarium fully enclosed with reflective material with a fan that opens from the top. I plan on having a topside view hole to monitor from. Whether this will provide the right conditions is something I'll have to experiment with :) The terrarium they're in now, which includes all my neps, sits at about 85-88 degrees and 45-60% humidity. So the conditions are not that far off.
By Lawndude84
My wife got me a few plants for valentines day :)


Cephalotus Follicularis

I'll post some pics when they arrive :)
By Lawndude84
Thanks Matt! I'm excited about the Ceph, I already made room for it in my terrarium :)
By kittyklaws
Congrats on the new additions! :D
By Lawndude84
updated to show the number of each plant I have and letting people know I am willing to trade extras :)
By Lawndude84
Updated after massive hiatus from the forums. Hello to all and hope things are going well :)
By victor
Very nice growlist!!!

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