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List the plants you grow

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By bombsboy
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Joined:  Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:57 am
Hey people... I finally mustered up enough non-lazyness to type up a growlsit :lol: . Thanks for looking! ;)
I just copied and pasted from trade list and added on... 8-)

Bombsboy's GrowList
This is an old growlist. I will update it soon! :)
  • ionantha
    planifolia (my favorite, easy to grow, nice red leaves!)
    Essrenia (I constantly undergo cuttings, winter is ending, and the winter leaves are the best to use for cuttings. I have several!)
    Sethos (like essrenia, I have SEVERAL cuttings)

  • filiformis (both forms tracyi and filiformis)
    Capillaris (I have a rather interesting one... I probably should upload photos)
    Binata rooted root cuttings
    Capensis Alba
    Capensis Regular
    Some other pygmy sundews
    (Drosera seeds of indica)

Coming out of dormancy now! Chance to cross pollinate and get interesting variety!
  • Dente
    Akai Ryu red Dragon
    some are small half inch or less traps.
    I have a limited ammout of seedlings
    medium plants
    Large plants
    No cultivars, I am slowly getting into the cultivars though!
    I still have my first one!
  • purpera venosa
    leucophilla ~ one of my favs! :D
    a "specimin" sized rubra
    a 4 or 6 inch high rubra gulfensis (i have multiple of these) - EASY TO GROW SPECIES!
    leucophyla X rubra
    psittanca 'all green form' Pretty cool one! - favorite!
    Minor - another fav
    Formosa (psitt X minor)
    Some others im forgetting :lol:
  • Ventricosa
    Miranda (ITS CRAZY too many side shoots/ its giant! I definitely recommend this plant! ITS VIGOROUS!) - fav
    Sanguinea (a little one... looking for another one of these!)
  • Cephalotus typical
    Cobra Lilly(s) and seedlings
Check my trade list below in my signature!
Thanks for reading this!
Whew, Im done! :D
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By victor
Posts:  2028
Joined:  Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:42 am
Very nice growlist!
Your lucky you have a sethos I've wanted that and grandaflora for years.
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