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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By jht-union
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Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:43 pm
dantt99 wrote:lol I was thinking the same! But seriously, how do you get a business started? Any legal stuff to worry about? Thanks in advanced
I don't think you need anything daniel, i sell sometimes things in craiglist, and you don't need any permit or anything to sell things at craiglist, nor in amazon and ebay, you just sell them and that's it, i think if it was guns, or a big business working that impacts areas then is needed, and policies are needed as well for big businesses, but i also suggest that even small businesses like the one you're planning to have, you should still create some rules, or policies, you know the thing that says wet floor don't step here, or be careful, if that wasn't there and the floor is wet, and you fall, that's negligence of them, so you can suit them for a large quantity of money for negligence + anything that happened to your body, they will have to cover all, i'm over exagerating a little, but i think is always necessary to have rules and policies set just in case, like matt/steve have, when you first sign up, that long.........list of policies, read it again(no one does, i did :) ) so you could have an idea on how to start a business properly and all that, or just ask someone like me that kinda know how to start a business! :) i will be very glad to help.
and no, i don't have a business going on, but as you get older you just learn them(even when you don't have one), so is always good to get started like you're doing at a really young age, you will be too way advanced knowing this things already than most kids, pat on the back dan! :)
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By JuanCruz
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Steve_D wrote:
JuanCruz wrote:¡Muy buenas fotos, Matt! Sí, supongo que la primavera se está acercando por allá.
Muchas gracias Juan por continuar con la traducciones al español. :D
You are very welcome, Steve! It's a pleasure. If you need any translation just message me. =)
But your Spanish is really good!! So is Jht's, and the others' too!!.

¡De nada, Steve! Es un placer. Si necesitas alguna traducción sólo mándame un mensaje.
¡Pero tu español es muy bueno! ¡Y también lo es el de Jht y el de todos los demás!
By victor
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Mine is terrible! hahaha :lol:

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