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By savagegardener
Sorry i havent been on in a couple of months. My lil babe has been keeping me very busy!
How is everyone doing these days?
By Adam
I have a 2.5 year-old. I know how busy things can get! Welcome back and give us an update on your plants!
Welcome back savagegardener.
I wasn't around here yet a couple of months ago, but i'm feeling home well enough on this forum to welcome you back as well ;)

and btw, Charles is indeed THE man! :mrgreen:
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By Matt
Welcome back! I'm glad to see you've returned! I hope the baby is doing well and your plants too.
By hackerberry
Welcome back to the forum!

By savagegardener
Hello everybody and thank you for the warm welcome back. Im doing quite well. Im going to be taking some more classes this fall, Im a little excited about that. My baby girl is doing great, however she is gaining her own unique personality which involves throwing a huge half hour screaming fit before naptime. Shell get so tired that shes cranky. It was funny because my husbands shift changed at work and he saw her fit and he was like "Does she always do this?" And I said "Of course, your just never around to see it!" But i lovies her. Even if naptime is difficult. Anyways about my plants I am so mad! I left for two weeks to visit my mom and had my friend look after my plants. BIG MISTAKE. I come back and almost all of my Dionaea seedlings (1 year old) are mostly black!!! And my red piranha was all black!!! Plus my beautiful D. Capensis is mostly dead too! It does have a little green left... What can I do to fix my plants??? Any help would be much appreciated!!!


By Adam
Argh! My son was the exact same way.. going to bed is becoming less of an issue now.. he's almost 2 and a half though! :roll: Feeding is a story I'll save for another day.

Horrible news about your plants!! Did ANY survive? How were they being taken care of during your absence?
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By Matt
Leah and I hope to have a child someday, but we'll see if we ever get around to it. Seems like life keeps putting it off. I enjoy hearing everyone else's stories about their kids though.

So sorry to hear about your plants. If there is any green left on them, they might recover. I definitely wouldn't count out the capensis. I've heard those things are nearly impossible to kill. For plants to decline that quickly over the course of two weeks, it makes me think that they weren't watered enough. Hopefully you can rehydrate them and they'll recover. Keep us posted on their progress.
By savagegardener
I will! I am hoping they recover. I love my plants!
Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world, even if they do squawk when its bedtime. lol.

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