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By Perla Adams

After a long trip to USA ( 3 months) I come back home ( Saudi Arabia) and found my little plantation of Venus Fly Trap growing and healthy thanks to the care of my faithful house employee Malik.

I think my adopted Venus Fly Traps are entering in hibernation, I will read about and take care, one of the plants actually catches a fly, the remaining still are there.

Here some pictures.
One of my Venus fly trap forest
One of my Venus fly trap forest
DSC05977.JPG (125.1 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
My plants from Fly Trap Care Store
My plants from Fly Trap Care Store
DSC05975.JPG (53.36 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
Now they are too big to continue taking pictures with the microscope (5 1/2 months old plant)
Now they are too big to continue taking pictures with the microscope (5 1/2 months old plant)
DSC05972.JPG (33.11 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
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By Matt
Wow, they look great Perla! It's so nice to see our little seeds and plants thriving across the sea in Saudi Arabia :)
By jht-union
Wow perla, they look great, did you skip dormarcy for them, mines are really little, i put them to sleep with the big ones, the pot looks almost empty, just a few of them, hope my 130 baby are not death, and are just sleeping, i can't wait for spring to arrive and see how my plants did with their first dormarcy, and my little guys, hopefully they will all come back, the last time i counted i only count about 25, but i don't think the other 100 died on me, i think they are just sleeping( i hope so), good luck with yours, and they look great, really healthy, and colorful. How was your trip in USA, it is cold right now, hope you have enjoy the wave of snow during christmas!!, and a late happy new year!!!!
By willyb_11
Nice pictures and healthy looking plants you got there! Happy New Year!

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