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By linton
Hi everybody, I can currently offer fresh seed of Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Dewy Pine) for sale @ $7 AUD for a pack of 10 seeds.

The seed was harvested during December 2010 and postage cost will be $3 AUD worldwide.

Payment by PayPal only please - If interested, please send me a PM.

Thanks & Happy Growing!

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By linton
Hi guys.

SDCP's - there is only one Species in the Genus of Drosophyllum so there is nothing to cross it with. My seed was produced by pollinating the flowers with pollen from other flowers that were open at the same time, so the plant was essentially self pollinated. In nature, and if no insect pollinators are about, the flowers will self pollinate upon closing - as the flower closes the stigmas are pressed against the stamens by the closing petals and the flower is self pollinated. The result is a pod full of many seeds which are cast onto the ground and then germinate when conditions are favorable. The seeds on offer are arguably of the same quality as wild collected seed and will produce robust plants.
Drosophyllum can flower within 6 months of sowing seed, but this is not the norm. You should expect to have a flowering size plant from seed in 12 -14 months. My seed was sown in September of 2009, and the plant flowered for the first time in November 2010.

dantt99 - I guess it really depends on how you look at the cost of the seed that you are considering buying. I look at it this way - if you take $10 and minus $3 for postage (I can't do anything about the postage cost!) this will leave you with a nett price of $0.70 per seed. If every seed germinates you will have 10 Drosophyllum plants which are usually pretty rare in a collection and somewhat difficult to get hold of. I'd keep one or two and sell off the rest to cover my costs and also make a tidy little profit along the way. 8 plants @ a very cheap $5 each = $40. Less your $10 seed & postage cost = $30 profit and 2 Drosophyllum in your collection.
Triffid Nurseries presently have seeds harvested in 2006 listed @ 2.80GBP for 3 seeds plus postage.
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By linton
Drosophyllum seed can be very long lived if stored properly, there have been reports of seed over 20 years old still being viable.
By Oblivion
put me down for a pack please linton.
is this the one you showed us at acps a few meets back?

germinate and grow in standard 1/1 peat silica ?

see you tuesday night

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By linton
No worries Glenn. Yes, it's same plant that I brought to the meet a while back.

The soil should be very free draining and peat is generally not required. The plant grows in dry alkaline soils, not wet acid soils as many CP's do - I use a mix of 1/2 coarse sand, 1/4 perlite and 1/8 vermiculite with an addition of 1/8 peat (couldn't resist adding some peat to the mix - it just didn't look right!).

Use a tall ceramic or glazed pot - at least 12" high and put a 2" drainage layer of broken terracotta pots or coarse gravel in the bottom, top this with a couple of inches of sphagnum moss then add the rest of your potting soil to within an inch of the rim of the pot.

Remember that these plants cannot be successfully transplanted, so it's best to sow the seed in a small compostable or peat pot - a preformed Jiffy Pot is ideal, don't use the pellet type pots that expand. When the seedling gets 3-4" high, plant the seedling complete with pot into the compost in your glazed pot and top off with coarse sand to hide the compostable pot.

Watering is best carried out by immersing the glazed pot in a half bucket of water - this will wet the sphagnum in the bottom of the pot and keep the rest of the compost relatively dry. Watering once or twice a week is generally sufficient. Water from the top until the plant reaches 5-6" high and has established itself in the new pot, then begin to water from below.

WARNING! - under no circumstances must the seedling be allowed to dry out while it is getting established - if allowed to dry out it will not recover. This warning does not only apply to seedlings, established plants will also die if allowed to dry out.
By Oblivion
i got a spray can of ceramic pot sealer today.. im hoping that by using this on the inside i can choose whatever pot i like?

i have a real hard time finding any good pots with glazing on the inside. all the good ones are external only :( so maybe this can fix that issue?
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By linton
Mine is glazed on the outside only and I've not had any problems with it as the compost is normally pretty dry, but pot sealer will help.

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