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By DTDream18
I just received two B-52 VFT's today from FlyTrapStore.Com. Beautiful, amazing, healthy and quite large to say the least ! I purchased some other B-52's from some other online carnivorous plant sellers recently, and the plants Steve and Matt sent me blow them all away ! Believe me the others aren't even close. The ones I received from FlyTrapStore are supposed to be "young" B52's but their size and condition just blow me away. And as usual the service was exceptional too ! AMAZING !!!!
By jht-union
Congrats DTDreamer!!!!!, like always plants from Matt & Steve are the best!, and are really really healthy, sometimes they even throw up an extra VFT depending if you are an active member, i don't remember well who was it, i think it was matt that send me two pink VFT, and i only ordered 1!! The VFT's from matt or steve have always good coloration, and are really big, and definitely the service is exceptional!!!!

i'm getting 2 sarracenia rubra from matt tomorrow, i can't wait to get them since they have been in circulation for a week now in a UPS truck.

good luck with yours!!!!!=)
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By Steve_D
Thanks to both of you, DTDream18 and jht-union, for your good words about our stock at :)
By jht-union
DTDream18 , i finally got my 2 sarracenia rubra, oh well guess what, what a surprise i got, matt send me 3 sarracenia rubra instead of the 2 that i ordered, 2 bigs sarracenia rubra and 1 small, thanks a lot Matt, and as always, they were in perfect shape and really pretty!!!!!!!!!=)
By dantt99
I think i will be ordering from Matt and Steve next time! DTDream could you get a picture up of your fly traps?
By dantt99
Matt and Steve, in the spring will you guys get some more B52's or Vigorous, I would love to order some Spring 2011, since I have heard so highly of your guys' traps!
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By Steve_D
in the spring will you guys get some more B52's or Vigorous

Matt has tissue cultured quite a few B52s and Vigorous Venus Flytraps, so we'll have them and lots of other nice Flytraps for sale in 2011.

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