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By Ethan
On my Sarracenia Flava, I recently noticed that there was a lot of growth jutting out in different directions, and when I got closer, I could see around 2 or 3 rosettes within the plant, so I think it has divided quite substantially.

Sarracenia Flava
Sarracenia Flava
DSC04549.jpg (201.57 KiB) Viewed 1107 times

The upper parts of the pitcher are just sunburnt, as I got them from the FlyTrap Store and are simply beginning to cope with the Arizona heat. I'm considering dividing it for the wellbeing of the plant, but when would be the right time to do so? Any help would be appreciated!

By Aging_Bourbon
Like as in when dormancy is about to end, or shortly after it ends?

Pretty much, just right before they are about to jump back from Dormancy, just right after the last frost is over.
By Oblivion
give it another year on the mother plant, they should seperate very easily and not require any strength or force to get them to snap apart.
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