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By kevinqwe
i dont know why i have super small traps that look more developed than my big developing traps. they haven't even opened yet and are bigger than the small ones.
will these small traps grow to regular size?
No, when a trap is fully matured and opened, it won't grow anymore.
However, it is normal that your VFT has a mix of small and big traps.
Insects come in small and big sizes too.
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By Matt
As Niels said, once a trap opens, it usually doesn't increase much in size. Typically small traps indicates that your plant isn't getting enough light. How many hours of direct sunlight is your plant getting?
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By Matt
Well then it probably wasn't getting enough light where it was when you bought it. When you say it's getting six hours of light, do you mean six hours of direct sunlight or six hours of light total?

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