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By manzano167
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Joined:  Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:40 pm
Drosera venusta, D. filliformis 'FL Red' seed and D. indica 'Pale Pink Flower' seed

Am planning to put all of my seeds in the same pot but with sepperaters and naming each specie

Covering the pot with a plastic bag to keep humidity up

No sun at all nor indoor lights ( is that fine?)

gona spray them 3 times a day ( morning, miday, night)

How can i make my media algea free?

Thank you
By snapperhead51
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Joined:  Mon May 03, 2010 11:46 am
have they been stratified first off a important part of germination process.
once they have been stratified , you just need to place the seed in peat and sand mix and put the pot in a soak tray and good sun till they germinate in good time , no need to spray 3 times a day or any thing else your making a simple task into a difficult one , just do what that do naturally they fall to the ground till the climate is right and then they germinate.
if you need any specific instruction let me know can walk you through my processes for drosera germination
By limeslide
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Joined:  Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:53 am
D. venusta: This plant hates me. Seeds never germinated for me. Keep it in a peat/perlite mix in a humid environment at about 78F.
D. filiformis: Never tried it. If it's "Florida All Red", just sow it like a D. venusta since "Florida All Red" does not need dormancy to thrive. All other forms do need stratification. Do not confuse "Florida All Red" with "Florida Red" as "Florida Red" does need dormancy/stratification. Sorry if I mixed things up. Click here for the ICPS page on this.
D. indica: I just sowed seeds of this. It likes extremely sandy soils(even 100% sand works. I guess a 60% perlite 40% peat mix works but possibly not, just saying since you told me you only had peat and perlite.) The ICPS website says to put it in a hot environment (80F) which is what I'm doing with mine.
Good luck!
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By sundewman
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Joined:  Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:21 am
note on D. indica- if not grown outdoors, you will need to feed the seedlings once they produce about 4 leaves or more to make sure they don't die. I've never had luck growing D. indica without feeding it. And yeah, none of these species need cold stratification.

Also, you can't necessarily make your media "algae-free" BUT if you thoroughly rinse your media before using it (evidently perlite, too, as it has potentially harmful salts) then you can possibly avoid algae entirely. Only issue is that silica sand does a great job at hindering algae nearly completely, while perlite has a tendency (in my conditions) to cause algae. But these are only my conditions, and other growers have great success with perlite!
Here's the page about rinsing your media- ... lants.html

Good luck!
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