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By xray7224

I'm ready to start with tissue culture and i have two things left to buy the lights and the chemicals, now i think I've got the chemicals sorted and i think i might have found the right light i just want to double check as i know 1500 kelvin makes a huge different so does 400k, everyone seems to suggest a 6500k light and i've found this which is in my price range and its easy for me to get: ... _500wt_928

Thanks in advance. I don't want to spend money on something wich isn't right
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By Matt
Tissue culture doesn't require any special lights to my knowledge. I just use the same lights that I grow my plants under (standard shop light fixtures with 6500k T8 bulbs), but keep the cultures further away from them.

The bulb that you're looking at would probably work fine, but it wouldn't give you much coverage area.
By renesis
but keep the cultures further away from them.

Key piece of advice right here. Just wanted to quote it to reinforce it. I lost a lot of cultures simply being too close to the tubes.
By xray7224
Thanks for your responses guys ill get it, I have a box type thing for the plats which is covered in aluminium and has extractor fans and an electronic circuit to keep it at the right temperature i built to control the fans. So that should increase the coverage.

Thanks again.
well, im not the greatest abought lighting, but im trying to TC and have my plants under artificial light. according to what ive read we should pick the light that simulates the better the sun light. the daylight temperature is 6500k.

under 6500K, light is warmer.
above 6500K, light is cold (more bright)

I'm looking for a led hydrophonic grow panel and i found this 7000K it says aquarium grow light, but it's also usable for plants ... 4015wt_932
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