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By carnivorous1123
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Joined:  Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:36 am
well trap was inside another trap and i thought i got to move it (bad idea) when i move it i mustve moved the trigger leafs and it closed over the actuall trap will it be ok? and also i have about 11-12 traps on one plant does this mean that that is more than one plant?
By Andrew
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Joined:  Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:55 pm
I think that there needs some movement to actually start the digestive process inside of a trap, so as long as you dont touch the traps, the trap should open up after a couple days and then your ( being eaten ) trap will be fine. I'm not sure about the 11-12 trap things, but I think that if it looks like there are two plants growing, then you could possibly divide them.
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By Matt
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carnivorous1123 wrote:and also i have about 11-12 traps on one plant does this mean that that is more than one plant?
The number of traps you see doesn't necessarily indicate anything about the number of plants. If you see traps emerging from two or more growth points, then you likely have more than one plant.
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By heathenpriest
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I wouldn't be in a hurry to divide the plants, even if you're sure you have more than one. I usually wait until mine appear pretty crowded before I divide and re-pot. Also, it seems like if I divide them into smaller clumps, rather than individuals, they recover and continue to multiply quicker. Maybe that's because less damage is done to the rhizomes, or maybe it's because older plants are mixed with younger ones in the clumps; but for whatever reason, they seem to look better If I don't separate every single individual.
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