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By Steve_D
All well grown Cephs are "vigorous clumping." Perhaps I should have sold my Vigorous Clumping Cephs on ebay, but I would think that I would be taking advantage of anyone who bid such a large amount. Jeez--
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By Steve_D
looks like the auction was won by a fake account... Winner only had 2 feedback and was responsible for most of the bids over £25

Ah! He could have opened a second ebay account under a different email address and username, then bid on his own plant hoping that others would take the bait, think it was special and bid higher, right? People surely do think up all kinds of ways to take advantage of each other-- :)
By hackerberry
Hmmm, I'm sure that the winner of that bidding will be having sock soup for a long time. I wouldn't but a ceph for that much! I actually just won a Super Giant Ceph from a contest!

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