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By apollo
ive recently purchased one from the local nursery
does anyone have any care tips? i cant seem to find much information on them

not as much as venus fly traps anyway
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By Matt
Sorry for the delayed reply Apollo. I knew nothing about them, so I didn't initially reply. I did a bit of reading and here's what I found out: It appears that you can care for them in a similar way as most CPs except they require much less water. This page gave a lot of good information: ... gantea.htm
By Rymah
Great plant, its the only ping (so far)that is sticky on both sides of the leaf! it also looks Awesome when it matures

the site matt gave you is an excelent resourse i would also suggest trying to get your hands on "the Savage Garden" or "Growing carnivorous Plants" i would be lost without theses books if for nothing else you should get them for pictures but both of them are full of awesome information
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