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By ChefDean
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Good morning, or, depending on when you read this, good (insert time of day here).
Many places have already started to pull plants out of dormancy, others are still gripped in that cold, icy evil that is winter (I hate that guy!). As such, I think we'll pull it back a little so that the bonus, if desired, will be an easy, sow and grow sundew. No stratification, no smoke, no begging, no tears, no standing on your head while rubbing your belly with one hand, doing "Jazz Hands" with the other, with your eyes crossed and tongue out, while balancing a kettle ball on your foot. Definitely no animal sacrifice.
This month, any of the "Pop" dews in Tier 0, along with the D. No ID. Pick one. The "Pop" dews are the species listed, but due to a lost tag or questioned designation, the donor gave a suggestion to what may be the location of their ancestors before they decided to take a Rumshpringa and see the world. Pics of the "Pop" dews can be seen here. Those can give you an idea of what they may look like when mature.
If you don't want a sow and grow, you have time on your hands, we'll also offer the S. No ID or the S. NR as an option.
Intermedia or finlaysoniana (one or the other, not both) are still available as an add-on in addition to your request and bonus, for a possible total of three packs of seeds.
Lastly, Maxsea is available as a bonus for experienced growers, donor loophole does not apply, 1/4 tsp per bonus.
You must be eligible to request the seeds in a normal request in order to request them as a bonus.

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