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By New_Carni_Mom1
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Are my plants goners?!?!?

First off I’m going to start off by saying that this is all my fault. I usually keep my plants indoors under a grow light because the insects around here are horrible year round and the temps during the summer stay in the triple digits so almost nothing survives outside except Bermuda grass and my aloe Vera plant.

The temps took a sharp drop last week and the lows have been in the mid to upper 60s with highs in the low 80s. So I decided to give my plants some direct sunlight since the temperature outside was the exact same as the inside of my house so my plants wouldn’t be shocked by taking them outside. Unfortunately, I left them outside over night and when I brought them back inside I discovered freshly hatched armyworm larvae 🐛 ALL OVER THEM!!! The traps that hadn’t even opened yet were filled with larvae that crawled inside and the open traps were completely covered on the inside on the trap. All after just one night of being outside.

I have sprayed them down and I’m waiting to repost them so I can guarantee none are left behind buried deep in the media. My concern is that the spray I used might not be safe for these plants. I freaked out as soon as I saw them covering my plants and grabbed the only pesticide that I had on hand and started saturating them, the media, the pots and trays as they were covering everything by the time I noticed it. I even had to wipe down that entire area of my house. 😒
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By ChefDean
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Flytraps are generally don't care about being sprayed with insecticides as long as they're not swimming in it, and I've heard good reviews about Captain Jack products used on carnivorous plants. They should recover just fine, especially since you caught it so early.
Next time you're able, pick up some Captain Jack Dead Bug. That's the one that I've heard good things about mostly, and give a light application weekly as long as you see the Army Worms. Between applications, if you see any, just use some tweeers to remove them.
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