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By sirblacksmith
Posts:  8
Joined:  Thu Apr 20, 2023 10:28 pm
Hi all! I received some pygmie sundew gemmae in a paper towel and one variety starter to root onto the paper towel, I decided to pluck some off and put them into a pot with LFS and leave some on. Will the ones plucked off surivie and will the ones on the paper towel continue to grow if kept moist, I'm honestly just very curious haha, thanks!
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By DragonsEye
Posts:  1256
Joined:  Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:22 pm
If you broke the roots on the ones you removed from the paper towel, they will most likely die. Each only forms one root. Those left on the towel will root in it but the towel will not likely prove the work in the long run. Let us know how things go. Best of luck!
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By sirblacksmith
Posts:  8
Joined:  Thu Apr 20, 2023 10:28 pm
Thanks! I'll try desolving the paper towel as well and see if that helps, will update later and see which, if any, method works best
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