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By KaptainKraken
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Joined:  Mon Mar 06, 2023 4:27 am
I am going away to college soon and was wondering if I can bring my plants with me. I currently have various tropical sundews, butterworts, in a terrarium and on my windowsill and im growing a few sarracenia outside

I also have highland nepenthes setup. For the Highlanders is a portable AC unit connected to grow tent for that all important nighttime temp drop :mrgreen: . I was wondering if there are possible setups for my plants and any future ones, I would like to have around 78-75 F days and 55-52 F nights to keep highland plants

My question is: what setups are possible and allowed in a dorm? what plants can grow in any setup recommended. :?: (PS: I really want to keep my highland nepenthes).
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By ChefDean
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Before looking for advice on how to do it, check with your school. Many colleges will not allow extraneous appliances due to extra electricity usage (that they have to pay for), citing fire hazard and such. Most are OK with a mini fridge and a microwave, some even provide them, and they expect all the chargers for the various devices, but an AC unit will probably be one that they'll not go for unless it is for a bona-fide medical reason.
For the rest, you'll have to see how the room is set up. It will have a window, but will the room be able to accommodate a rack? Many only have room for a XL twin bed, a desk, and a dresser, with a little room to move around. If you have two to a room, a rack will take up valuable real estate that isn't all yours.
This is the only time I would suggest this, but school is the priority, that's about to become your job. If you can't easily fit the plants into that life, it may be time to temporarily give them up or find someone willing to care for them for the next four years.
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By Intheswamp
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ChefDean wrote:...This is the only time I would suggest this, but school is the priority, that's about to become your job. If you can't easily fit the plants into that life, it may be time to temporarily give them up or find someone willing to care for them for the next four years.
Just wanted to second this thought. I don't know who's paying your tuition, room-and-board, etc., but it's time for you to invest your most valuable, but limited, possession in your future...your time. Invest it wisely.
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By DragonsEye
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I will "3rd" the motion for all the reasons given, and add one more -- you have no way of knowing what your roommate(s) will be like. Will they or someone from your dorm floor respect your property? Will someone do something stupid to your plants (by accident or on purpose)?
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By KingLouis_CLXXII
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Joined:  Thu Jun 09, 2022 1:10 pm
It likely depends on the number and size of your neps but it's definitely possible.

I had about a dozen small size(<6") highland neps for around a year when I was in dorms and I managed to get them to mostly thrive.
Depending on the bed you're given, you'll have a certain amount of clearance under your mattress. I conveniently had a frame that could be adjustable which gave me ~2' of clearance and I also used these bed risers to give me an additional 8". I managed to make my bed high enough that I (6' tall) had to hop to get on the bed.

You can probably get enough room under your bed to fit a shorty grow tent like this one or making your own with blackout canvas but I actually used a large second hand cooler (something like 50+ qt) that I found for cheap.

For cooling, I used thermoelectric(Peltier) modules to make a cooler like this one however I woulde recommend making your own using a higher quality Peltier unit as the ones that come with the ones of Amazon are rather bad. At the very least, you could buy one of Amazon and just replace the Peltier unit inside.
I also used these Ikea blackout curtains around the frame of my bed so I could sleep in on the weekends and still have a 16hr photoperiod >.<

I unfortunately couldn't find a picture of the Nepenthes setup but I'll attach a picture of an in progress pic of where I kept my VFTs.
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