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Discussions about fluorescent, LED and other types of grow lighting for Venus Flytraps and other plants

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By wcrosman
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Joined:  Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:03 am
My grow has three kinds of lights: a florescent about 2’ above the growth area, three purple E27 full spectrum bulbs, and an AliExpress 1000 watt full spectrum sunlight panel about 6” above the plants. Most of the area is covered with reflective material.

Using my IPad I read 14450 lux and 200 par at plant height.

Does this sound reasonable?
I am using on a sundew I recently got and will use it on some seeds that will be out of stratification soon.

Thanks for your reply.
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By jmoore3274
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What app are you using to measure the PPFD uMols/s? For that amount of light, the PAR measurements sound low. For example, I have a 600watt capable LED grow light of my own design that uses high efficient horticultural specific Cree LED's. I currently have it running at around 120 Watt Hours or 82 watts continuous that is putting out 250ish par on the sides and 300ish par in the middle. This light is about 12 inches from the plants and the PPFD was measured with an Apogee SQ-520 Quantum sensor, which is very accurate.

The thing about LED lights is that you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to the tuned horticultural LED's from Cree, Osram or Samsung. The upfront cost can be high but the efficiency of the LED's will out pace any other light types on the market when it comes to savings on electric used and overall system maintenance.

Also, LUX / Lumens isn't a good way to measure light for plants. PAR PPFD is the way to go. A reputable grow light supplier will supply a PAR spectrum analysis of their light and a PAR Map at different heights if it's an LED light. Most manufacturers will also tell you the brand and type of LED's they are using which matters. I would be suspicious of any manufacturer who touts wattage but doesn't provide a PAR map or a PAR spectrum analysis.

If you have any other lighting questions, I'll be more than glad to help.
By jmoore3274
Posts:  86
Joined:  Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:06 pm
Photone is a good App. A few people have done comparisons of photone vs other light meters and even against the gold standard Apogee sensors. It faired very well. So I would invest in the paid version of the app. I fully endorse data driven grows. The more data you have allows you to make accurate decision and the better your plants will grow.

If you also have an I-phone I recommend to also put the app on the phone. The reason behind this is to double check the readings. Sometimes phone manufacturers use different components from product to product and the light sensor on these tablets and phones are no different.

As to your lights. How are your plants growing? Do they seem to be responding well to your setup?

Anyone who is interested in the photone app.. Below is a really good review from the gentlemen who owns Migrow. His YouTube channel is a wealth of knowledge. I recommend anyone who is looking to learn about LED lights, proper color spectrums, PPF and Daily Light Integral, light color morphology in plants, please spend some time and go through his videos. It's a really good starting point.
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By wcrosman
Posts:  283
Joined:  Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:03 am
Its a new light that I bought for starting some seeds from here. I moved my flytraps in off the side a bit and I have a lot of new traps starting (coming out of dormancy). Put a new Sundew under it and it immediately scorched so moved it out.

Installed photone on my android phone just now and will check soon.

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