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By Sundews69
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Joined:  Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:57 pm
I moved some plants around to reach a different plant at the back of my set up. I apparently put them under a specifically hot spot. Within the next few days they completely dried out and I never noticed :roll: . Will my plants be ok?
20230117_192624.jpg (6.97 MiB) Viewed 762 times
After - he just started flowering :(
After - he just started flowering :(
20230210_104553 (1).jpg (8.21 MiB) Viewed 762 times
Cat ate off the flower stems  :/
Cat ate off the flower stems :/
20230210_104548.jpg (8.35 MiB) Viewed 762 times
Was a cephalotus
Was a cephalotus
20230210_104621.jpg (6.26 MiB) Viewed 762 times
There was a cape that was damaged too but every pic I take it too large
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By Panman
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I would also bag them in case the root system is compromised. You have to balance that with watching for rot, so it can be tricky.

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