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By sativ
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I'm looking for interesting VFT cultures. [also other plants-mostly nepenthes, heliamphoras and rare other plants]

I can offer now for exchange:

D.binata "red plant" (Waihohonu, near Desert Road, New Zealand)
D.ericksoniae white flower

Darlingtonia californica


My VFT clones nr1 and nr2 [seedgrown, quite nice in in-vitro, not yet transferred in-vivo]

Please write your offers only at I don't sell cultures, only exchange. Write what do you have, and what you want.

Some plants are on the multiplification hormones, some on plain medium-ask about details. Postage- in falcon tubes with 0,5% PPM to avoid drying, everything sterille. I can post worldwide, but only while temperatures allows.

I have also PPM, hormones, medias, agar and other chemicals- i can exchange them also.


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