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By ChefDean
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Some have found that it does work on Neps, but they apply it to a dormant node on the vine. They then cut and root the new growth point after it has a little size on it.
It would likely work for a basal shoot, but you'd have to dig up part of the plant to get to a spot for a basal. That might shock the plant and stall it out for a while, so it could be counterproductive.
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By Camden M
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Quick update! I know another member on the forum was also experimenting with keiki paste (I think it was @Supercazzola?). Well here are my results! First, I tried it with my Ventrata/Ventricosa with no results. Next, I tried it with my Maxima x (Eymae x Veitchii) with… well, look!
AC25E3BD-7A96-460F-82D0-194EB938B53C.jpeg (1.95 MiB) Viewed 924 times
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