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By skitch23
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Joined:  Thu Sep 08, 2022 2:41 am
I'm looking to get a couple of pings but I really don't know what type to be searching for so I'm hoping someone can offer a few suggestions.

They'd be housed in an Ikea greenhouse cabinet with good T-5 lighting on a timer. I've been keeping tabs on the temps & humidity this past summer and it maxed out around 88 degrees (which drops to around 76 overnight), daytime humidity is around 50% and nighttime humidity is around 65%. Based on where I usually set my thermostat, I'd estimate winter the temps would be around 78 for a high and maybe 70 overnight.

I'd prefer to have pings that don't change into a tiny rosette form over winter but that's not a total dealbreaker. I can also move them outside during winter with my VFT if they need a dormancy period (I'm in Phoenix, AZ so it usually doesn't get super cold here). And I'm not looking for anything fancy/expensive... I want something that is beginner friendly til I figure out how to care for them lol. Thanks!

EDIT: oh and I want something that should live for a few years, not an annual :)
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By Bluefire
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Joined:  Thu Jun 30, 2022 4:58 pm
Seems like you're looking for warm temperate Pinguicula. They do not change to rosette form, they don't mind being wet year round (Mexican ones do when they are in rosette form), and they usually live at least a few years.

An easy beginner warm temperate Pinguicula is P. primuliflora. If you have clean water it should be fine but in my experience it is really sensitive and takes some time to tell you it's unhappy. That's how I killed mine. With bad water I didn't realize was bad until the plant suddenly shriveled to nothing. One of these days I'll move out and finally find somewhere with more rain so my plants will be happier... *Grumble*.

Alternatively, you can go with Mexican Pings that do not turn into tight winter rosettes. I have never seen P. emarginata transform, and I think P. gigantea stays sticky year round too.

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