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By Camden
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Joined:  Mon May 23, 2022 9:25 pm
So I got this thing 4 months ago with a florae order. Can I resurrect this stuff and if so how do I care for it.
99F443C4-BF84-4124-8DD0-59835F696DCA.jpeg (2.46 MiB) Viewed 2288 times
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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
It looks like it indeed has some new green growth on it. Cool.

I obtained some live sphagnum a while back locally from a guy I know. I've simply had it in a plastic 16qt(?) Sterilite container sitting where it gets 2-3 hours of full sun and the rather dappled to full shade. When it rains heavy it can almost fill the container full...I then simply tilt it to the side and drain the water off, leaving a half an inch or so in the bottom...sometimes more...sometimes less. I'm a simpleton that's not capable of understanding rocket science. :mrgreen: So far the moss has been growing pretty nicely but I'm not sure going forward what to do to keep it growing nicely. I used some for the first time yesterday. I've watched and read where a layer of peat moss is spread out over a tray and soaked until almost "soupy". Then live moss is cut up and spread across (somewhat thinly) the peat...or whole moss is spread out over it. I tried this with some live moss that a nice person sent me but I think the peat moss I used was probably the worst peat moss in the world and though I carefully monitored the LSM it slowly died out. This last, second batch of sphagnum moss I have I decided to skip the peat moss layer and it has done well (compared to my first attempt). When I acquired the sphagnum I was careful to keep the top, green-side "up" and the brown, bottom-side "down"...I then placed it in the plastic container upright. It looks like yours is mixed up but it is growing apparently so keep it moist, occasionally let it flood, give it some sunshine....morning sun is naturally better as it doesn't heat up as bad.

Most of the sphagnum bogs I've seen (and I admit I've seen very few!) were spongy, soggy, and wet...if it was a really dry period the top layer of moss would be brown and dry with a few specks of green here and there or possibly a depression where more water gathered would have greener moss growing. During wet spells, even rainy conditions, the moss can take on a really almost florescent green color. It likes to be most. When it gets dry I usually use my spray bottle filled with rainwater to wet the moss down a couple of times a day...and I make sure a little water is in the bottom of the container.

This is just my ramblings...other folks have been doing this much longer than me and will give you better info, I'm sure! ;) :)
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By Panman
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Looks like you've got sphagnum growing. Keep it wet, high humidity, and bright indirect light. If it is in a closed container, be sure to open it occasionally to exchange air and prevent mold.
By mhal408
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Joined:  Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:02 pm
Panman wrote: Mon Aug 29, 2022 3:58 pm Looks like you've got sphagnum growing. Keep it wet, high humidity, and bright indirect light. If it is in a closed container, be sure to open it occasionally to exchange air and prevent mold.
I have a question, if say i put live sphagnum out in full sun and the tip furthest from soil level has dried up but the rest is still green, is it plausible to assume they will grow just fine but stays closer to the soil level instead? The green ones are still wet to touch and warm even in full sun.

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