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By Camden M
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Joined:  Mon May 23, 2022 9:25 pm
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By lemon
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Joined:  Fri Apr 22, 2022 6:46 pm
It's a newly discovered species, known only for 10 or 11 years. I don't think it's legally available for anyone except maybe botanical gardens, and even they need permissions from Malaysian government.
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By nimbulan
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I only know of one person who currently grows it (there's probably a few more around the world,) and the plant hasn't been propagated yet. Definitely more waiting to do before us regular people can get ahold of the species.
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By Nepenthes0260
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Aren't we all :(. If you're able to convince Jeremiah to chop his up into some vine cuttings feel free to let me know... :lol:
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