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By John W
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According to the ICPS, Dionea require 15000-25000 LUX : ... ntlighting

The amazon page for the sansi light says you will get 265 umol in basically a foot square at 12" above the area. 265 umol is around 11500 lux. People online say both Sansi and yescoms work for dionea, but if the ICPS is to be trusted than they really need more light than either can provide.
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By za419
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At 12", the SANSI 36W is enough to keep a VFT content, but not really enough to keep it happy.

I use the same bulb at maybe 4-6 inches from my plants (I'm not all that precise about positioning them), plus a little bit of mostly indirect light through the window, and my B52s seem to be of the opinion that it's enough, with good reddening and summer growth.

My sundews like the light somewhere around 8-10 inches I think - they tolerated similar distance as the flytraps, but they turned extremely red and I accidentally burned off a few flower stalks that way so I moved the light away :oops:

I've had flytraps show reddening and a season of healthy growth under USB-powered LEDs though, with a long photoperiod - they need a night time, but experimentally I've done 18 or even 20 hour lights sometimes and they didn't hate it. And of course, an 18 hour period is going to give the plant a lot more sugar to work with than a 12 hour one would.

I like the SANSI, personally - you just have to be kind of aggressive and fiddle with it a little to figure out where your plant wants it.
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