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By VelvetTooth
Posts:  136
Joined:  Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:05 am
Any good recommendations for sarracenia packs of 2-3 plants for sale? I looked at hirt’s garden but I’ve seen mixed reviews about them.
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By Panman
Posts:  4157
Joined:  Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:41 pm
I understand, but you are really missing out. He has some great plants and is very trustworthy.
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By ChefDean
Posts:  6403
Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
If you're not too worried about what they may be, there's a post in the Sales, Trades, & Wants USA forum where Panman is giving away Sarrs that he doesn't want, you only pay shipping. You could get a bunch for $10.
He may know the parentage, I can't remember if he listed that though. However, I have quite a few Sarrs from him, and they all came very healthy.
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By NightRaider
Posts:  300
Joined:  Mon Jun 07, 2021 4:01 am
VelvetTooth wrote:Thx for the offer :D but I don’t rlly buy from ppl. It’s a me thing sry
Missed this post when it was fresh, but you really have no idea how much you're missing out on by not buying from individuals, let alone someone like Nep0260. I can't stress enough how much better quality the plants I've gotten from individuals here on the forum and on Facebook are compared to those I've ordered from nurseries, not to mention they're almost always cheaper, better packaged, and are the only way to get a ton of plants that you could never find at any nursery. And beyond that, most nurseries are still just individuals anyway, just with a web site and trading under a brand name. In fact, the only one I can even think of off the top of my head that isn't run by just one person is California Carnivores. And for that matter, Nep0260 even has a brand name he operates under on social media, just without the dedicated website. Anyway, not trying to rant at you or anything, I just know I was skeptical of buying from individuals at first, but after doing it several times now from trusted people in the community I haven't once had a bad experience.
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By Carnies
Posts:  1198
Joined:  Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:48 pm
Definitely, I 100% agree, trading is my way but I've bought from a few private sellers on this forum and I cannot stress enough that private sellers are better than the big stores, they pay more attention and care.
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