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By Panman
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So, I am out of room indoors and out (unless my wife let's me take over some of the vegetable garden space) and that means that it is time to cull out the seedlings. These seedlings are about 12 months old ansd are OP flava but they are likely flava x purpurea. They will be shipped bare root and winner will pay $5 shipping.

Sign up is the old fashioned way:
1. Your name
2. Another name
3. The curse is dead

Drawing will be Wednesday or whenever I remember it.
CM220424-151742016.jpg (1.71 MiB) Viewed 651 times
CM220424-151752017.jpg (1.48 MiB) Viewed 651 times
CM220424-151755018.jpg (1.67 MiB) Viewed 651 times
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By Ewreck
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1. ChefDean
2. Ewreck

How many plants are there? Maybe we can split the prize up depending on how many there are?
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By tracieh
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1. ChefDean
2. Ewreck
3. Blackfeather666
4. slicric78. please and thank you.
5. TracieH thanks for the chance!

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By Panman
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And the winner is
IMG_28042022_114420_(900_x_1200_pixel).jpg (281.38 KiB) Viewed 376 times
@Blackfeather666, congratulations. PM me your address and I'll get this out to you.
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Nepenthes cutting giveaway

The winner is Slicric78. Pm me your information.

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