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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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Haven’t been active for a while! Downsized most of my neps and helis, workin on growing the ping and drosera collections

Drosera (Sundews)

South African Drosera
-Drosera aliciae "ridge site, Table Mountain"
-Drosera aliciae "Orangekloof, RSA"
-Drosera aliciae “Tierkop, RSA” (incorrectly labeled as natalensis)
-Drosera natalensis
-Drosera natalensis Inanda Road Waterfall, Kwa Zulu (Ellenic)
-Drosera natalensis “Chimanimani Mountains”
-Drosera natalensis “Wolkberg Mountains, Tzaneen”
-Drosera dielsiana "Lisbon Falls, Mpumalanga, ZA. True species"
-Drosera capensis (typical, alba)
-Drosera capensis "Montague Pass , Giant"
-Drosera capensis "260m near Stanford, Kleinrivier Mtns, near small waterfall on farm"
-Drosera capensis "1285m Hexrivier Mtnts near Matroosberg, colorful plants w/ prostrate leaves"
-Drosera capensis "Drie Kuilen in the Klein Karoo, odd form w/ shorter
petioles, harsher climate"
-Drosera capensis “Driehoek Farm, Cederburg”
​-Drosera capensis “red form, Pakhuis Pass" (Lowrie)
-Drosera capensis 'Valsrivier, collected along Valsrivier at the base of the Hexrivier Mtns. near Ceres"
-Drosera capensis "Baardskeerdersbos"
-Drosera capensis "Hairy form", "Stellenbosch, RSA (Lowrie)
-Drosera capensis “Hairy form” (old strain, Ellenic)
-Drosera capensis "Gifberg"
-Drosera capensis "Bainskloof"
-Drosera capensis "Vogelgat Nature Preserve"
-Drosera capensis “Betty’s Bay, semi-caulescent”
-Drosera capensis "1000m Gydo Pass"
-Drosera capensis "Travelers Rest"
-Drosera capensis “Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa”
-Drosera capensis "Meadowview wide-leaf clone"
-Drosera capensis "red"
-Drosera capensis “Orange Shebert” (CC clone)
-Drosera cuneifolia “Table Mountains, RSA”
-Drosera cuneifolia “var undulata, Silvermine Nature Reserve”
​-Drosera slackii (CC Clone)
-Drosera collinsiae "Mbuluzi River, Eswatini"
-Drosera venusta ""Foothills of Witelskop, 260 m asl"
-Drosera venusta "Stormsrivier, roadside ditch near Stormsrivier"
-Drosera admirabilis “Bainskloof” (sp. Floating)
-Drosera admirabilis "Palmiet River, RSA"
-Drosera admirabilis "800m asl Bainskloof, RSA"
-Drosera admirabilis "Roelofsberg, on the slopes of Roelofsberg. Most northen population"
-Drosera x 'Hercules' selfed
-Drosera sp. Rhodesia
-Drosera affinis

Australian Drosera
-Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema
-Drosera x 'Marston Dragon'
-Drosera petiolaris
-Drosera aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek"
-Drosera aff. ordensis "Kingston Rest, North"
-Drosera fulva
-Drosera falconeri
​-Drosera hamiltonii
-Drosera spatulata "Ahipara Gumfields, NZ"
​-Drosera spatulata “Mini plant form, Bamaga, Queensland”
-Drosera spatulata “Buried Forest, NZ”
​-Drosera scorpiodes
-Drosera parvula
-Drosera eneabba
​-Drosera helodes
-Drosera occidentalis
-Drosera pygmaea "Mt. Lofty"
-Drosera roseana
-Drosera verrucata
-Drosera nivea
-Drosera pycnoblasta
-Drosera pulchella "Orange Flower"
-Drosera sargentii
-Drosera x "Dork's Pink"
-Drosera x "cabarup"
-Drosera stelliflora

Other Drosera
-Drosera anglica "Alaka'i Swamp, Hawai'i"
​​-Drosera spiralis "Bocaiuva, Minas Gerais, Brazil"
-Drosera spiralis (PP clone)
​-Drosera tomentosa var tomentosa “Morro de Jambeiro”
-Drosera intermedia “Roraima”
-Drosera latifolia
​-Drosera graomogolensis
-Drosera riparia
-Drosera oblanceolata
-Drosera spatulata "Okinawa Pink, Okinawa Japan"
-Drosera spatulata "Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan:"

Pinguicula (Butterworts)
-Pinguicula moranensis J
-Pinguicula moranensis A
-Pinguicula moranensis “Huahuapan”
-Pinguicula moranensis var. alba "large flower. San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas State"
-Pinguicula moranensis var. roseii
​-Pinguicula moranensis Denver Botanical Gardens
-Pinguiucla moranensis "ANPA A, Semi-alba, near Eloxochitlan 1690m"
-Pinguiucla moranensis "ANPA C, near Eloxochitlan, 1690m; very nice flower"
-Pinguicula moranensis "Kewensis, var. roseii x var. caudata, Kew Gardens"
​​-Pinguicula moranensis "near Santiago Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1851 m"
-Pinguicula moranensis var. mexicana
-Pinguicula moranensis f. orchioides
-Pinguicula moranensis
-Pinguicula rectifolia
-Pinguicula zecheri
-Pinguicula esseriana
-Pinguicula esseriana “Black”
-Pinguicula esseriana “Giant(?)”
-Pinguicula ehlersiae
-Pinguicula ehlersiae Ixmiquipan, Hidalgo
-Pinguicula Alfred Lau 13
-Pinguicula gigantea
​-Pinguicua gigantea "Red Blush"
-Pinguicula gypsicola ​
-Pinguicula macrophylla
​-Pinguiucla acuminata
-Pinguicula parvifolia
-Pinguicula heterophylla "Concepcion Papalo, Mexico"
-Pinguicula conzattii
-Pinguicula Yucca Do 1717
-Pinguicula Yucca Do 1713
-Pinguicula agnata Red Leaf
-Pinguicula agnata "Mesaleon Hidalgo, Mexico"
​-Pinguicula agnata "El Lobo"
-Pinguicula agnata "Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico"
-Pinguicula agnata
-Pinguicula martinezii
​-Pinguicula pilosa
​-Pinguicula elizabethiae “Toliman Canyon, Hidalgo”
-Pinguicula cyclosecta
-Pinguicula potosiensis
-Pinguicula kondoi "giant"
-Pinguicula reticulata
-Pinguicula emarginata
-Pinguicula jaumavensis
-Pinguicula rotundiflora "Aramberri, Nuevo Leon"
-Pinguicula gracilis
-Pinguicula laueana “Red Leafed”
- Pinguicula laueana "Undulate Geranium Flower"
-Pinguicula laueana “CC Red”
-Pinguicula debbertiana
-Pinguicula debbertiana Metallic Purple
-Pinguicula laxifolia
​-Pinguicula hemiepiphytica
-Pinguicula hemiepiphytica “Site 2 #6”
- Pinguicula colimensis
-Pinguicula moctezumae
-Pinguicula ibarrae "Tlanchinol, Mexico"
-Pinguicula crassifolia
-Pinguicula immaculata
-Pinguicula spec. El Mirador
-Pinguicula spec. Sumidero I
-Pinguicula spec. Kohres
-Pinguicula spec. Guatemala 3100m
-Pinguicula spec. Pachuca
​-Pinguicula spec. “Lautner 92/52”
-Pinguicula spec. Sumdero I x colimensis
- Pinguicula debbertiana x ?
-Pinguicula agnata “true blue” x moranensis “Alba”
-Pinguicula moranensis caudata x Yucca Do 1717
-Pinguicula moranensis x esseriana
-Pinguicula ANPA A x elizabethiae
-Pinguicula "Pirouette"
-Pinguicula “John Rizzi”
-Pinguicula "BCP Marciano"
-Pinguicula RE Hybrid #1

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plants)

- Nepenthes (spathulata x spectabilis “giant) x (thorelli x aristo) (own cross)
- Nepenthes veitchii BE3734
- Nepenthes veitchii Golden Bario
- Nepenthes veitchii Pa Umor (2013)
-Nepenthes veitchii (#5 x The Wave)
- Nepenthes albomarginata seedgrown “Mango Band ”
-Nepenthes mollis (hurrelliana) BCP
- Nepenthes spec. Sumatra BCP
-Nepenthes tenax ​
-Nepenthes vogelii
-Nepenthes truncata Highland Red
​-Nepenthes truncata x edwardsiana
- Nepenthes x hookeriana
- Nepenthes (spathulata x spectabilis) x lowii
-Nepenthes x Dyeriana
-Nepenthes boschiana x [maxima x ((stenophylla x lowii) x (rokko x vetichii))

Heliamphora (Sun Pitchers)
-Heliamphora minor

​Utricularia (Bladderworts)
-U. involvens
-U. alpina x humboltii
-U. alpina x endresii
-U. fulva
-U. dichotoma
​-U. livida

Coming Soon

Other carnivores/protocarnivores
-Brochiniana reducta

Pahiopedilum (Slipper Orchids)
​-P. philipinense x sib ('Super Twister' x 'Alford')
-P. haynaldianum x sib ('Semi Vini' x 'Six Purple Dancers')
-P. gratrixianum
-P. spicerianum (true)
-P. barbatum var. nigritum
​-P. christensonianum
-P. x Saint Swithin
-P. x Juius
-P. x Yerba Ice
-P. x Shirley Amundson
-P. x Grand Paradise
-P. x Lyniegh Koopowitz
-P. x Pisgah Prayer
-P. x Mint Chocolate (leucochilium Red x malipoense)
-P. concolor x leucochilium
-P. haynaldium x philipinense

Other Plants
Phragmipedium longifolium
Phragmipedium x Nicholle Tower (longifolium x dalessandroi)
Dendrobium spectabile
Oncidium Sharry Baby
Oncidium “Wildcat”
​Encyclia cordigera x randii
Cattleya”White Reception”
Philodendron melanochrysum
Philodendron cordatum
Monstera andansonii
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By Sundews69
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@HeliamphoraWalnut could you show a picture of your N. veitchii BE3734 and N. vogelii? I've been wanting those plants and I love seeing pictures of the plants themselves and where and how people grow their neps for the best results. Thanks!
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By thepitchergrower
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