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By HisImperialMajesty
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I'm not new to the carnivorous plant scene, but I'm getting back into the swing of it after a series of moves.
In the past I have had a typical Fly Trap, a typical D. Capensis, an unknown Nepenthes, and an unknown Sarracenia.
As of this edit, I have had some awesome successes and some dismal failures. Many sundew seedlings have been given away to neighbors and their kids, as well as a couple of school teachers. That's the coolest, knowing my plants are being used for education.

My current list is:
D. binata (Carnies)
D. binata var multifida (SG)
D. binata "Grogu" (Small Red Form) (SG)
D. capensis "Redrum" (Shadowtski)
D. capensis "Mini Red" (Evenwind)
D. capensis "Matroosberg" (Evenwind)
D. capillaris "Bertioga" (SG)
D. filiformis var Floridana "All Red" (SG)
D. filiformis var Floridana (White Flower) (SG)
D. regia (Drummer230)
D. spatulata (Beenak) (Drummer230)
D. spatulata "Tamlin" (Drummer230)
D. x hybrida (Butterfly Valley, CA) (SG, Shadowtski)

"Alien" (Matt and Leah)
"Big Mouth" (Carnies)
"Cupped" (Evenwind)
"DC-XL" x 2 (Matt and Leah) (slicric78)
"Dente" (I can't remember)
FTS "Crimson Sawtooth" (Carnies)
FTS "Flaming Lips" (Matt and Leah)
FTS "Shogun Star" (FrancisFaustino)
"Fused Tooth" (Carnies)
"Guava Sawtooth" (Drummer230)
"G-16" (slicric78)
"Sawtooth" (Carnies)
"Shuppenstiel" (Carnies)
"Trev's Dracula" (slicric78)
"Trigger Happy" (Crazy Craig)
"Wally" (Carnies)
"Wolverine" (Drummer230)
Many typical Flytraps:
OP from named cultivar mothers, questionable father
a Lowes deathcube rescue
a Walmart rescue
Bloomify "VFT in a jar" labeled B-52 (how does that work?)

S. alabamensis (Matt and Leah)
S. alata "Black (Old German clone)" x alata "Black, Pubescens" (Hollyhock)
S. alata "Harrison Co. MS" (Drummer230)
S. alata "Night" x HCW (seeds)
S. alata "Stone Co. MS" (Xanthoparmelia)
S. alata "Wayne Co. MS" (Xanthoparmelia)
S. alata "Night" x self (Drummer230) (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Alucard" (royal ruby x flava ruby) (SG, Xanthoparmelia)
S. areolata x Drew McClain (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Black Widow" x self (seeds, Xanthoparmelia)
S. catesbaei (Xanthoparmelia)
S. (Crazy Quilt x White leuco) x Doreens Colossus (Sandy Casey)
S. "Devils Armpit" x (rosea x oreophila) (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Doreens Colossus" x flava "Super Veins" (seeds)
S. "Doreens Colossus" x HCW clone F (Drummer230)
S. Drew McClain x (HCW x Judith Hindle) (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Drummonds Giant" x flava rubricorpora MW F1 (Drummer230)
S. (Firespirit x Redman) x Ares (Xanthoparmelia)
S. (Flash x Coppertop) x Giant Red moorei (Sandy Casey)
S. flava (Panman) (Drummer230)
S. flava flava "Mutt" (Panman)
S. flava OP (Panman)
S. flava OP (x purpurea?) (Panman)
S. flava var. cuprea "Boutanique" x flava var. cuprea (McClellanville, SC) (Xanthoparmelia)
S. flava var cuprea "Coppertop" (Bizarre Botanicals)
S. (Giant Fuzzy Pink leuco x (oreo x flava)) x Berry Pastry (Sandy Casey)
S. Goldie x self (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Hummers Hammerhead" (Madrone)
S. Hot Lips x Kraken (Xanthoparmelia)
S. Kilimanjaro x Wilkersons "White Knight" (Sandy Casey)
S. Leuco OP (Panman)
S. leuco red "Washington Co" x leuco "Mannys Dark Red" (Xanthoparmelia)
S. leucophylla" Tarnok" (optique)
S. minor"Okee Giant" x minor "Okee Giant" (SG, Xanthoparmelia)
S. mitchelliana (Xanthoparmelia)
S. oreophila (SG) (elaineo)
S. oreophila var ornata (SG, Shadowtski)
S. oreophila var ornata (Sand Mountain) (Xanthoparmelia)
S. oreophila x Leah Wilkerson (Xanthoparmelia)
S. oreophila x leucophylla (Xanthoparmelia)
S. oreophila x Wilkersons "White Knight" (Xanthoparmelia)
S. oreophila x Wilkersons "White Knight" x Judith Hindle (Drummer230)
S. "Pink Clone" (minor "Okee Giant" x (leuco "Burgundy" x minor "Okee Giant")) (SG, Xanthoparmelia)
S. purpurea var Venosa
S. Ras OP (various unlabeled) (SG)
S. "Red Viper" x purpurea var venosa (Drummer230)
S. RFN Leuco x Adrian Slack (Drummer230)
S. "Rod's Favorite" x "Alba 6ID" (Drummer230)
S. rosea (SG)
S. rubra (Panman)
S. (rubra x oreophila) x purpurea var Venosa Burkii (Xanthoparmelia)
S. saurus x Adrian Slack (Xanthoparmelia)
S. "Scarlet Belle" (Bleux Exotics)
S. ? "No ID" (Bleux Exotics)
S. ? "No ID" (Panman, MBRS)

Cephalotus follicularis (seeds) (Xanthoparmelia)

Darlingtonia californica (Shadowtski)

N. "Bloody Mary" (Shadowtski)
N. "Lady Luck" (petflytrap)
N. smilesii (SG) (Apollyon)

P. emarginata x juamavensis (Hollyhock)
P. agnata "Red Leaf" x emarginata (Xanthoparmelia)
P. moctezumae (seeds)
P. moranensis var caudata x Yucca Do 1717 (Xanthoparmelia)

U. longifolia (Hollyhock)
U. nephrophylla (Hollyhock)
U. sandersonii (Shadowtski)

My wife is getting upset that I am getting so many so fast, but she doesn't have to take care of them. Oh well, I'll get over it.
Thanks for reading, take care,
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