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By VitaminUSA
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(B52xRed Piranha) x DCXL - Craig
A2 - Jeremiah Harris
Alba - Jeremiah Harris
Alien - Craig
Angel Wings - Wicked Botany
Archangel - Jeremiah Harris
Asmodeous - yeabill(eBay)
Banded - Jeremiah Harris
BCP Titan - California Carnivores
Bec de Lievre - yeabill(eBay)
Beelzebub - Curious Plants
Big Mouth - Jeremiah Harris
Big Tomato - Jeremiah Harris
Biohazard 2 - Rainbow Carnivorous
Bimbo - FTS
Bohemian Garnet - Jeremiah Harris
Boomans Mutant - FTS
Bristletooth - Jeremiah Harris/Craig
Brutal Shark - Craig
Burgandy Bomber - Craig
BZ 1955 - FTS
Caterpillar - Alvin M. Caluag
CCCP Tasmanian Devil - Craig
CCCP Orca - Craig
CCCP Destruction - Craig
CCCP Sea Scallop - Craig
CCCP Razor Blade - Craig
CCCP Red Sangria - Craig
CCCP Red Onyx - Craig
Cheerleader - Jeremiah Harris
Clayton’s Red Sunset - PetFlytrap
Clayton’s Volcanic Red
Clumping Cultivar - Jeremiah Harris
Cracker - Rainbow Carnivorous
Creeping Death - FTS
Crispy Sun
Crocodile - Jeremiah Harris
Crusader - Alvin M. Caluag
Coq Coche - California Carnivores
Coquillage - Rainbow Carnivorous
Cupped Trap- Craig
Czech Giant - Alvin M. Caluag
Demagorgon - Franchesca Sanchez
DCXL - Wicked Botany
Diablo Rouge - Franchesca Sanchez(FTS)
Dingley Giant - California Carnivores
Dragons Breath - California Carnivores
Double Trouble - vhinoy21(eBay)
Dutch Delight - Jeremiah Harris
El Gecko Traps - Franchesca Sanchez(FTS)
Fine Tooth x Red - Jeremiah Harris
Fondue - Jeremiah Harris
Freaky Star - Craig
FFT Stegosaurus - Fayetteville Flytraps
FTS Big Behemoth - FTS
FTS Crimson Sawtooth - Jeremiah Harris
FTS Deep Red Guerilla - FTS
FTS Flaming Lips - Rainbow Carnivorous
FTS Lunatic Fringe - FTS
FTS Maroon Monster - eBay
FTS Shogun Star - Jeremiah Harris
FTS Purple Ambush - exaltedtrilobite (eBay)
FTS Towering Giant - FTS
Fused Tooth - PetFlytrap
Fused Tooth Extreme - Jeremiah Harris
Fuzzy Teeth - PetFlytrap
G14 - PetFlytrap
G16 - FTS
Giant Upright Burgandy Traps - Jeremiah Harris
Giant Clam - California Carnivores
Ginormous - Jeremiah Harris
Green Dragon - Jeremiah Harris
Green Wizard - Carnivero
Green Wizard (fake) - Carnivero
Gremlin - Jeremiah Harris
Great White Shark - Jeremiah Harris
Grun- Jeremiah Harris
GJ Goliath - Craig & Jeremiah Harris
GJ Equioba
GJ Explosion
GJ Giant Cudo - Rainbow Carnivorous
GJ Giant Shark
GJ Green Zebra
GJ Bloody Nurse - Jeremiah Harris
GJ Hellcat - Alvin M Caluag
GJ Mariatchi
GJ Pingoides
GJ Titanium - Craig
Gold Strike
Guava Sawtooth - Jeremiah Harris
Harmony - Jeremiah Harris
Haircomb - California Carnivores
Holland Red - Jeremiah Harris
Jaws Smiley - Jeremiah Harris
Kayan - Rainbow Carnivorous
Kim Jong Il - FTS
Kim Jong Un - PetFlytrap
Korean Melody Shark - Rainbow Carnivorous
La Grosse a Guiguu - Rainbow Carnivorous
Lips and Lashes - Curious Plants
Long Red Fingers - Wicked Botany
Low Giant - Jeremiah Harris
Louchapates - Rainbow Carnivorous
Martha’s Lips - PetFlytrap
MegaTraps - Jeremiah Harris
Microdent - California Carnivores
Mirror x Mirror - Alvin M. Caluag
Mirror - Alvin M. Caluag
Mirror - Jeremiah Harris
Moon Trap - Rainbow Carnivorous
Olive Green - Jeremiah Harris
PacMan - California Carnivores
Patches - Jeremiah Harris
Paradisia - Franchesca Sanchez
Petite Dragon - Jeremiah Harris
Phalanx - California Carnivores
Pink Venus - Jeremiah Harris
Polish Dracula - Craig
Pro Giant - California Carnivores
Purple Haze - FTS
Purple People Eater - Craig
Pygmy (neotic clone D) - Jeremiah Harris
Rabbit Teeth - Jeremiah Harris
Red Dragon - amazon(idk)
Red Jaws - Jeremiah Harris
Red Top - Jeremiah Harris
Red Piranha - Jeremiah Harris
Royal Red - Jeremiah Harris
Rose - Rainbow Carnivorous
Ron Gagliardo 38a - Alvin M. Caluag
Sam - California Carnivores
Sawtooth - Jeremiah Harris
Scarlatine - California Carnivores
Schuppenstiel 1 - Morrigardens(eBay)
Schuppenstiel 2 - Rainbow Carnivorous
Schup Destruction
Sd Kronos - kevinswither(eBay)
Southwest Giant - Jeremiah Harris
Space - Franchesca Sanchez
Spotty - Morrigardens(eBay)
Spider - Jeremiah Harris
St Patrick’s Beard - Craig
Sunrise - Jeremiah Harris
Supay - Alvin M. Caluag
Supernova (trevs) - Morrigardens(eBay)
TDK3 - California carnivores
Tiger Teeth x Sawtooth - California Carnivores
Tremor - vhinoy21(eBay)
Trichterfalle - Wicked Botany
Triton - Rainbow Carnivorous
Triffid Traps - Jeremiah Harris
UK Sawtooth 2 - Craig
Vitiligo - FTS/Morrigardens(eBay)
Wacky Traps - California Carnivores
Wally - Craig
Werewolf - PetFlytrap
Whale - Rainbow Carnivorous
Yellow - Jeremiah Harris
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