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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By benyakrik
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I got a young DCXL in LFSM a month ago and I'm about to order a mature Low Giant in LFSM. I'm in Zone 6b so it's still pretty early in the growing season, and I'm considering transferring both of them to this 6 inch self-watering planter pot after letting the Low Giant adjust for a week. I was going to pack the new pot with some LSFM and slip both of the VFTs inside, but wanted to run the plan by the CP Brain Trust in case my logistics were off. I'm not married to LFSM as a growing medium, so I'd be fine with getting the Low Giant in a soil mix and switching the DCXL over to that, if it makes more sense.

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By Panman
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I love lfsm for my flytraps. Slip potting them would be fine, but as long as you aren't dividing up the rhizome, they seem to do fine with a regular potting job. Just be gentle with them.
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